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AMERICA 51: A Probe Into The Realities That Are Hiding Inside The Greatest Country In The World - Corey Taylor {250 pages, Da Capo}

I imagine that, like myself, many of you have no idea who Corey Taylor is. Apparently he’s the singer in Slipknot and Stone Sour (yawn). He’s also a best selling author having written three previous books. He also swears a lot - to the point of tedium.

The inspiration for this book came from Donald Trump’s US election victory - a victory Taylor did not expect or desire. His opening chapter details this and poses the question: Just how did the United States get in this state?

From there he looks (maybe I should say rants), in a stream of consciousness style of writing at the Republicans under Ronald Reagan (who comes out surprisingly positively), white privilege, family dynamics, some of the places Taylor has travelled and the faults of both Democratic and Republicans alike. Most of his most vocal and vicious ire is directed toward Donald Trump.

I have to say, I only made it half way through before I got bored. I didn’t get bored because I agreed or disagreed with Taylor’s narrative, nor did I get bored by the subject matter. What I did get bored with was the continual use of the word ‘fuck’ - along with all its suffixes and prefixes (particularly the one where mother is involved). I’m no prude and swear more than I care, but when I read a book from a self-eulogising rock star who feels the need to put ‘fuck’ in every other sentence, it becomes a real fucking drag. Much like that boring talker who puts "y’know" at the end of every sentence - y’know? It gets stale, repetitive, cliched - y’know (get the picture?). It’s the kind of banal language which has lead the United States to the exact same place that Taylor is so disgusted by. How’s that for fucking irony, Corey??

From what I read, he made some interesting points and observations. It’s clear he has an energy about how he writes, but the whole, "I’ve had it bad... Real motherfucking bad... But now I’m a famous as fuck rock star... It can happen MOTHERFUCKERS.." spiel that he spouts also gets a bit of a drag - actually it’s a big... fucking... Drag.

Almost as much of a drag as the outpouring of expletives that litter every other sentence. (20.02.18)