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45 GRAVE - Back after 20 years with a new album that includes Frank Agnew among others, this is a chat with vocalist Dinah Cancer from November 2012


999 - A brief chat with Nick Cash of this original UK 77 band  following the release of the album 'Death In Soho'. Interviewed in October 2008.


ABOLITIONIST - Blasting outta Portland, Dustin Herron and ABOLITIONIST have dropped a killer album in 'The Growing Disconnect'. Interviewed February 2013 


ANTHRAX - The UK Anarcho band interviewed in the wake of its retrospective compilation CD release in October 2008


 AVAIL - Not just Richmond, VA's finest band, but probably the finest band on the planet.  An interview with cheerleader Beau from April 2003 


BORN/DEAD - Bay Area's most incendiary HC/ Crust band interviewed in July 2009 just as guitarist/ vocalist Will Kinser moves to Europe. Originally in MRR.


NORMAN BRANNON - Anti-Matter zinester, guitarist in SHELTER & TEXAS IS THE REASON discussing the Anti-Matter Anthology and more in April 2008.


CHANNEL 3 - Legendary Californian Punkers interviewed in December 2008 after the release of the band's documentary DVD


CIVET - Femme-fatale Punkage from this 4-piece outta Orange County. Interviewed in September 2008 after the release of the 'Hell Hath No Fury' album.


THE CRITICS - Blasting out of Australia with a stunningly melodic and potent sound. An interview with singer Andy from December 2003


DAS OATH - Yank/Dutch 4-piece featuring ex-members of CHARLES BRONSON and DEVOID OF FAITH. Vocalist Mark McCoy interviewed September 2004.  


DEAD BEAT RECORDS - If loud Garage Punk that pushes the boundries is the name of the game, look no further. Tom Dead Beat interviewed in August 2006.


DEAD TO ME - Nathan Grice of San Fran and Fat Wreck favourites interviewed in December 2009 after the release of the band's second album, 'African Elephants'. 


DRI - Legendary Hardcore band still playing and in the middle of a mass of reissues on Beer City Records. Vocalist Kurt Brecht interviewed in December 2005.


D.O.A - One of the most pioneering and greatest bands ever - period.  Joe Keithley shoots the shit in this emailed interview conducted November 2005.


DR. STRANGE RECORDS - The infamous record label/shop in California.  A long interview originally printed in Fracture #25, conducted late 2003


END OF A YEAR - Albany's Revolution Summer revivalists interviewed in December 2006


FOUR LETTER WORD - January 2011. One of Britain's best announces its split in the wake of a classic fourth album. Interview with founder and Artcore editor, Welly.


THE FREEZE - Boston's finest ever are back with a new label and new plans and a new line-up.  Interview with Clif Hanger, August 2005.


IAN GLASPER - Author of the trilogy of books about 1980s UK Punk Rock, bassist and one-time record label owner, interviewed in December 2010.


 GOLDBLADE - After a stunning new album, Manchester's John Robb talks music and writing. Interviewed  April 2013.


GOVERNMENT ISSUE - Tom Lyle, guitarist of the longest-lasting of all DCHC bands, interviewed here in May 2009


MIKE HUDSON - Having just released his debut solo album, former PAGANS frontman is interviewed August 2005


HARD SKIN - South London's hardest, drunkest, funniest and most offensive Skinheads interviewed March 2005

HOSTAGE LIFE - Canadian band interviewed in July 2007 after the release of its superb debut album released via Household Name Records


GEORGE HURCHALLA - Lengthy interview with the author of the fantastic 'Going Underground' book from January 2006. Originally appeared in MRR.


I.C.H. - Ed Ache, guitarist and vocalist with this British band interviewed after the release of the band's debut album, 'You Won't Like It' in June 2009


INFECTED/ EUGENE RECORDS - Lexington, KY band back together on their own label. Interviewed April 2008


 I OBJECT - Hot on the heals of their Alternative Tentacles-released debut album, NY DIY Punks offer thoughts and opinions in an interview from March 2007


 JADED EYES - Leeds, UK based band release album #2 and it's even better than the debut.
 Interviewed in April 2016.


JFA - American Skate Punk legends interviewed in Dec 2009 after the release of the band's live album, 'To All Our Friends', on DC-Jam Records


JOHNNY MOPED - Having released a new album for the first time in about 35 years, Johnny and guitarist, Slimy Toad, are interviewed in May 2016 


MANIFESTO JUKEBOX - Finland's finest greased and tattooed rockers, originally in Scanner #11, December 2001


NEGATIVE SAINTS - Florida band currently churning out some serious, dirty Punk Rock 'n' Roll.  Interview with singer/guitarist Aaron January 2005


THE OUTSIDERS - After two consecutive Fest appearances, NZ's best melodic Punk export, THE OUTSIDERS, land a US deal. Interview conducted in April 2012


OVERGROUND RECORDS - British label that recently released a disc of rarities by THE MOB. Interview with label owner John Esplen conducted in February 2008


 PANDEMIX - Boston, MA band that released the genre-blending debut album, 'Scale Models Of Atrocities' on Boss Tuneage Records. Interviewed in August 2017


PARANOID VISIONS - In the wake of an already classic new album, Dublin's finest are interviewed by Trev Hagl in September 2012


PUNK ROCK ROAD TRIPS - DIY New Zealand promoter who's brought DOA, STEVE IGNORANT, STRIKE ANYWHERE and more to NZ. Interviewed July 2011


THE RABBLE - One of New Zealand's best and hardest working bands chat about the latest EP release and more. Interviewed in March 2007


THE RABBLE - Drummer Rupe talks about the third album, five months touring in Europe and a side project with the UNSEEN. Interviewed in April 2009.


 RICHIE RAMONE - The 'other' RAMONES drummer is back with a solo album and band. Interviewed in October 2013


REPORT SUSPICIOUS ACTIVITY - Vic Bondi is back to his biting, political best with his first album in ten years. Interviewed in October 2006. 


REVENGE OF THE PSYCHOTRONIC MAN - Three albums in for one of the fastest and freshest UK bands. TNS Records to boot. Interviewed April 2013


RF7 - Bo Clifford talks to the founders of this LA band that, 30 years on from formation, is still busting out the sounds. Interviewed March 2009.


RUBELLA BALLET - Sid talks about conspiracy, the rich /poor divide, medicine and more in the wake of the band's most political album yet. Interviewed April 2014.


SAMIAM - Guitarist Sergie Loobkoff talks in the wake of the 'Orphan Works' album, touring Australia and life in SAMIAM. Interviewed September 2010.


SECTION 13 - Former DEPRAVED/ VISIONS OF CHANGE frontman, Ian Murphy, talks about his new band and its debut release. Interviewed early 2010


STAND OUT RIOT - A genre-blending 7-piece outta Manchester interviewed in September 2011 after the release of the band's second album.


SUBHUMANS - With Dick Lucas, vocalist of this seminal Anarcho band conducted after the release of the 'Internal Riot' album in July 2008


ZOUNDS - UK Anarcho Punk legends are back with the 'Redemption Of Zounds' album. Interview with founder Steve Lake in September 2011.