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Top Sounds - #

1919 - Bloodline {Westworld} Totally new band to me; apparently the band is from Bradford, England and was quite successful in the early-mid 80s in the Goth scene. This is the band’s second studio album - released some 33 years on since the first album! Soundwise, imagine a fusion of PUBLIC IMAGE LTD circa ‘Album’ (but minus Steve Vai’s guitar wankery), mid-period KILLING JOKE and BAUHAUS and you’re pretty much there. You get ten tracks that kick off with the strident title track that typifies the KILLING JOKE and PiL references with the vocals in particular coming on like Lydon. Other highlights include the pulsing bass of ‘Retrograde’ and ‘Zeitgeist’ that dive head-long into BAUHAUS territory, ‘This Vanity’ that mixes tribal beats with ‘Night Time’ era KILLING JOKE, and ‘Disassociation’ while best track is a battle between the BAUHAUS meets PiL sound of ‘Legacy’ or the soaring vocal, expansive guitar and PSYCHEDELIC FURS feel of ‘Trespass’. Given I thought this might be an embarrassing attempt by old men trying to relive their past, this is a surprisingly enjoyable album that’s been a constant player here at the House Of Scanner. (22.07.17)

4130’s, THE - One For The Road {13 Stitches} Second album from this newish bunch outta Ipswich, England and it’s a solid, punchy and energetic set of 12 tunes. I could simply say it's a Skate Punk/ Fat Wreckish kinda deal, but that’s not quite correct. It certainly has a GOOD RIDDANCE vibe about it in terms of pace and sound, but that’s mixed with the grounded and distinctly British bluster of something like CONSUMED. Plenty of highlights here: ‘Treading Water’ featured a neat but not over-done Ska-style Mid-8 breakdown; ‘But It’s Home’ had a swagger akin to VANILLA POD at their best coupled with a great vocal performance while the title track builds into a proverbial hardcore rager. I’ve not doubt ‘Thank God It’s Not 1977’ will get misunderstood by too many, but out right highlight is ‘Outsider’ that’s got a massive guitar, MISFITS backing vocals and a great lyric. Production is spot-on too - everything is loud and balanced with clear and legible vocals and it’s all as lively as a Cocaine party for ADHD suffers. Another Ippo cracker - good work fellas!! (16.02.15)

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