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4130’s, THE - One For The Road {13 Stitches} Second album from this newish bunch outta Ipswich, England and it’s a solid, punchy and energetic set of 12 tunes. I could simply say it's a Skate Punk/ Fat Wreckish kinda deal, but that’s not quite correct. It certainly has a GOOD RIDDANCE vibe about it in terms of pace and sound, but that’s mixed with the grounded and distinctly British bluster of something like CONSUMED. Plenty of highlights here: ‘Treading Water’ featured a neat but not over-done Ska-style Mid-8 breakdown; ‘But It’s Home’ had a swagger akin to VANILLA POD at their best coupled with a great vocal performance while the title track builds into a proverbial hardcore rager. I’ve not doubt ‘Thank God It’s Not 1977’ will get misunderstood by too many, but out right highlight is ‘Outsider’ that’s got a massive guitar, MISFITS backing vocals and a great lyric. Production is spot-on too - everything is loud and balanced with clear and legible vocals and it’s all as lively as a Cocaine party for ADHD suffers. Another Ippo cracker - good work fellas!! (16.02.15)

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