Interview: Sid Truelove - Rubella Ballet

 Down to the core duo of vocalist Zillah and multi-musician, Sid Truelove, day-glo Anarcho band RUBELLA BALLET has just released the excellent 'Planet Punk' album on Overground Records. It's an album full of great songs and confrontational ideas. This epic interview discusses aspects of the album and all other BALLETisms. Interview by Trev HAGL; pics provided by Overground Records, Sid and from the band's Facebook page.

..Are you happy with the new album? I read your piece on Facebook and it reminded me of Wilko Johnson, in that he is determined to carry on doing what he loves, even if it means switching from drums to guitar if necessary. it must be inspirational for people in a similar situation…
When I became a Punk it was because I, along with other like minded punks, was sick of how things were. We thought by starting bands, doing benefit gigs, going on protest marches and getting arrested, going to hundreds of gigs hearing others had the same views, marching on Downing Street to deliver petitions that probably went straight in the bin... We thought it was worth it because we did it, so we must have thought we could make a difference. Sadly nothing has changed, in fact it has degenerated into chaos.
It's not so much peak oil, climate control and save the rain forests but the more worrying aspects of how the 1% plan to treat the 99% in the future. Global issues like how Halliburton is making millions while the war in Iraq wages on, reports of them having to repay the US government over $27.4 million after it was discovered that it had grossly overcharged for the meals it supplies to the US military in Iraq even though the water they supplied to the troops was infected and un-sanitised. This follows the discovery of bribery on the part of Halliburton agents who overcharged the military $6.3 million for fuel delivered to bases in Iraq and Kuwait. In a controversial "no-bid" contract, a subsidiary of Halliburton was awarded a total of $8 billion to provide laundry, food supply, and build bases for the US military in Iraq. This also includes $1.2 billion to restore production in the southern Iraqi oil fields. It just so happens that former Vice-President and major Halliburton stock-holder Dick Cheney was directly involved in the awarding of rebuilding contracts in Iraq!
N1H1 virus flu jabs being given to nearly everyone without them really knowing what is in it and the implications it will have later on in life (Not Me).
Population reduction high on the agenda at the secret Bilderberg annual meeting, the introduction of GM foods into the food chain, laws passed that are imprisoning people for collecting rain water, thousands of innocent people arrested for smoking cannabis are filling up the prisons all over the world, the mandatory stop and search of innocent people because of the 'War on Terror', the NSA monitoring everyone because of the 'War on Terror', the police taking automatic machine guns to peaceful protests like the G20 because of the 'War on Terror' and illegally imprison protesters in Guantanamo Bay style prison camps for 24hrs to be released with no charge because of the 'War on Terror'. Unmanned drones patrolling the sky flown by X-box nerds because of the 'War on Terror'. False flag operations to topple countries to steal their oil, gold, opium, lithium and any other precious commodity they own. Companies stealing water from natural water sources to sell to the public before the water wars start in the future, Governments blatantly lying to the people, consumerism urging the world to buy more rubbish made by slave labour, the 1% making nearly all of the money but not putting it back into the economy, the list of atrocities is endless! I mean come on... and that is just the tip of the iceberg.
‘Planet Punk’ is our way of addressing some of the points we feel strongly about and feel it is needed more today than 30 years ago. We don't expect everyone will agree with what we say on the album, that's not the point, but hope you will feel strongly enough about some of the points we have raised on the album that are happening to people right now.

..The album is more political than before, taking on a wide variety of what could be called "conspiracy theories." I found this refreshingly cynical at a time where the public seem all too happy to believe the media’s version of events… Apart from the subjects covered on the CD, the death of Diana, and David Kelly were fishier than a very fishy fishmongers…
..Sid) Firstly, it was Prince Philip that was most against the marriage of Dodi and Diana; that drove Philip insane. Secondly, the driver was supposed to be three-times over the legal limit and on strong prescription drugs that don’t mix with alcohol even though there was film of Henri Paul, who was Head of Security, before he drove the car showing him walking normally. Thirdly, as an extra job, I was a bodyguard for a while and I can tell you, even at an amateur firm like the one I worked for, if you even looked at a drink they would sack you. Fourthly, why did it take the ambulance 1 hour and 43 minutes to drive to the nearest hospital four miles away? Additionally, 85% of the Arabic people from Dodi’s home country do not believe it was a simple car crash and all the CCTV cameras along the route were mysteriously turned off. Was there a flash to disable the driver before the crash? A Fiat car allegedly crashed into Diana’s car as paint from the Fiat was found on her car, but what happened to the Fiat? It was never found until a million pound reward was put up by Alfyed. Before the car's owner, who was a paparazzi photographer, could be interviewed by the police he mysteriously committed suicide.
It was murder, a professional assassination. It was obvious. It makes it really hard to believe the lies printed the next day in the newspapers and reported on the news and how the story changed slightly as the days went on. So many things don’t add up.
As for David Kelly in my opinion it was obvious; Blair lied to the government about Saddam’s WMDs. Kelly knew there were none so they assassinated him. Pretty easy to work that one out.

..Regarding the song ‘All Potential Terrorists’, the general public would find it hard to get their heads round the idea that Bush, no matter how evil he may be, would have some involvement behind the scenes in 9/11 – tell us your views on what happened..
..Sid) ‘All Potential Terrorists’ is a frenzied attack on the 9/11 enquiry asking why people are ridiculed if they believe, and try to discuss, whether there may have been an inside job and how most people don’t know a third building fell down that was not hit by a plane: Building Seven that housed the CIA, FBI and the Mayor who had a sealed office and spent the day walking the streets breathing the toxic cancer-causing asbestos dust from the towers falling. It was also the building where the investigation into the multi-trillion dollar financial scandals that were occurring in the United States by General Electric, but no one is aware of it because the corporate news outlets refuse to report on it.
The song is asking people to ask questions and not believe everything they read in ANY newspaper or see on TV news as all news is made by Reuters, which is owned by the people who are lying to us and the very same people we are fighting against. If you talk of a 9/11 inside job you are ridiculed and branded a nut - that’s just what they want us thinking. We spent a long time researching what happened that day, we were horrified as most people around the world were. So it’s not about what we were researching as everyone had access to the same information. Since I wrote the song about a year ago, scientists have found traces of nano thermite which is only issued to the military. There was also tritium found which caused scientists to conclude that some type of cold fusion energy weapon was used, and that there is no question that two huge planes even full to the brim with fuel would not cause two buildings to turn into dust. Proof that the wings of the planes were brittle yet a perfect match of the wings has cut through steel, the nose of the plane coming out of the other side of the building prompting speculation of video fakery.
But we haven’t concentrated on the Twin Towers in the song but the demise of Building Seven. Building Seven collapsed on the same day into its own footprint just like the Towers had earlier that day, but World Trade Building Seven was not hit by a plane so the theory of plane fuel cannot be used in the case of this building. The footage showed the building falling into itself at the speed of gravity with no resistance when really all that was wrong with it was a few outbreaks of fire, but that does not bring down a steel structure.
We wanted to focus on other hidden facts that were surfacing from places like the stock exchange. Put Options on the stock of American and United Airlines where traded days before the attacks. ‘Put Options’ are financial instruments which allow investors to profit from the decline in value of stocks. Financial transactions in the days before the attack suggest that certain individuals used foreknowledge of the attack to reap huge profits.
Put Options were purchased on the stocks of these companies in great volume in the week before the attack. Huge surges in purchases of Put Options on stocks of the two airlines used in the attack - United Airlines and American Airlines. Surges in purchases of Put Options on stocks of reinsurance companies expected to pay out billions to cover losses from the attack - Munich Re and the AXA Group. Surges in purchases of Put Options on stocks of financial services companies hurt by the attack - Merrill Lynch & Co, Morgan Stanley and Bank of America. Huge surge in purchases of a weapons manufactures expected to gain from the attack.
The Bloomberg News reported that Put Options on the airlines surged to the phenomenal high of 285 times their average. Did you hear about that? No, because they choose not to tell us. They only tell us what they want us to know, usually 80% truth but with 20% of disinformation to confuse us and hide the real truth. If you mention anything other than what the official report has in it, you are berated for being either unpatriotic or a conspiracy nut, making it impossible to talk about anything to do with how, who and why. The chorus asks "Why can’t we just ask some questions, Why can’t we just get the truth?"
Our hypothesis was reinforced when we met William Rodriguez, the caretaker for the Twin Towers. He told Zillah and me personally his account of the day, how he was the only one of five master key holders on site the morning of 9/11. Larry Silverstein, who always ate at the restaurant in the sky every morning, but that fateful morning he was suddenly reminded of a dental appointment by his wife and because her wrath was feared by him he obediently went saving himself from an agonising death. William recalls complaints of constant drilling in the weeks leading up to the attacks, the fact that on a weekend leading up to the attacks the security system was turned off and bomb detecting dogs were withdrawn on the same days. He said he heard an explosion in the basement before the first plane hit and saw people escaping with skin hanging off them. How people close to the collapse heard explosions as the building was coming down, "pop pop pop pop pop," they said. How all of the metal was shipped out to China to be melted down without a forensic analysis. Where did 1,250,000 tonnes of rubble go? We are just pointing things out that we find weird and so must a lot of people who want to discuss events of the day without being called a nut.

..If I mentioned your song ‘Killuminati’ to the average person in the street, they’d probably think I was on about a science fiction film… care to explain the workings within?
..Sid) ‘Killuminati’ is a defiant middle finger to the Illuminati who run the world, who enslave the population, who force the poor into debt, who want to micro chip the population. The chip will not only contain your personal information with tracking capability but it will also be linked to your bank account and all your medical information. If you stop taking your medication they will turn off your chip. If you protest against the Government they will just turn your chip off.
The song also touches on how the new Orwellian device for watching the population is attractive and everyone wants one, the new X-Box or smart TVs capable of audio and visual monitoring of the population in secret.
This is the most advanced of the Illuminati's population monitoring devices invented so far. They won’t have to force us to have these things, we will all rush out and get them. In plain sight the Illuminati are subliminally training the X-Box/Playstation generations, making them ready to take orders and follow instructions to work in groups to defeat a common enemy….You.
We must protest against the Government's devaluation of the people, cut backs to benefits of vulnerable people, and the Illuminati’s planned depopulation of the planet as suggested on the Georgia Guide Stones to 500,000,000. I haven’t made this all up, I have researched these topics in great detail before speaking out and you will be able to find the same things on the Internet there in PLAIN SIGHT. See for yourselves what the Illuminati/Bilderbergs and Rockefellers are planning for themselves and more importantly what they have planned for YOU. They have wanted to be the richest people in history since hatching the plan in 1776 to make sure everyone in the world is in debt. As I have said before we are merely planting the seeds of information for you to go and research for yourselves. These abuses of the people have been happening in front of us we just have to be clever enough to spot it.

..It was interesting to hear, in ‘Hillbilly Heroin’, how traditional medicine did nothing but fuck you up; whereas a form of banned hash oil actually worked on you. What do you make of Cancer Research, which has killed hundreds of thousands of animals and spent billions, yet the best they came up with was Chemo which may do more harm than good? Would the government sanction a cure anyway, given they begrudge us an old age pension? Any views on the causes cancer as it was rarely heard of when we were kids but these days bad news is around every corner…
..Sid) This is my story about how the pharmaceutical companies all around the world are transforming people who suffer pain into heroin addicts via the severely addictive morphine pills called Oxycontin. The doctors are not looking to a plant that has been proven to cure cancer because there is no money there yet. Scientific studies that prove that THC cures cancer. I had ulcers all over my feet for three years due to the medication I was given for the Leukaemia and Multiple Myeloma I have. One of my toes actually went black and self-amputated. One of my friends gave me some THC oil made from cannabis and I used the oil on the ulcers every day for a month and the ulcers seem to have had a positive reaction to the treatment. There has been a slight reduction in the size of the ulcers, the only problem is it is illegal. The last line of the song sums it up perfectly: "The cures been here for years the Illuminati planned it, THC cures cancer that’s why they banned it."
The causes of cancer today more than before is because of the way food is produced, introducing toxins, chemicals and anti biotics into the meat chain. You really have to hate animals and yourself to eat them. I saw the light and gave up everything that was bad for me and replaced it with things that were good for me, mainly a raw vegan diet. The biggest question asked is "How do you get your protein?" There are loads of ways vegans get protein and B12 - hemp milk bursting with protein, good carbs and a full spectrum of amino acids. Spirulina is bursting with protein, aminos, Chlorella, wheat and barley grass, quinoa.

..You met an ex-MI5 agent who revealed that you, amongst many, were being watched in the 80s. How did that happen and what did he say?
..Sid) There were two of them and we met, or rather they met us, at a BBC studio where William Rodriguez was finishing an interview with George Galloway. We went to meet our friend Maz from Total Rock radio who had disappeared for a moment to organize the hand over. That left me and Zillah standing in a waiting room adjacent to the studio listening to the broadcast. I noticed two other people, a man and a woman also waiting for the interview to finish. "How’s the band?" the woman said casually to me as if she was a friend. "OK" I replied with intrigue. "Still living at Balfron Tower?" the woman asks again. "No we have moved" I replied with a reluctant tone.
It was as if the Woman knew who me and Zillah were, which was odd. We stayed waiting for an uncomfortably long time before our friend Maz appeared again with William Rodrigues.
Not long after the encounter, two MI5 agents turned whistle blowers were on You Tube revealing what they had been up to whilst working for the secret service. I noticed that they were the two people waiting for William Rodríguez in the studio at the BBC. They were Anne Mahon and David Shayler and were there to protect Mr. Rodrigues. So the early days of RUBELLA BALLET were being monitored by the British Secret Service - everything we said in our lyrics, every protest march we were on.

..Although thought of by many as a ‘Crass band’ you never had a 7" out on the label. Was there a reason for this? I remember you saying that your costumes/stage lights etc were a reaction to the drab black uniforms of those bands…
..Sid) No we didn’t because Pete Fender (Dan Samson) our guitarist and our bass guitarist were son and daughter of Vi Subversa of the POISON GIRLS. In the early days of RUBELLA BALLET, we all lived with the POISON GIRLS in Epping in Essex, so when CRASS were signing bands to be on the Crass label Dan said NO and no matter what we said to him, he decided that we were going to release our first album with Xntrix, the label started by the POISON GIRLS. Zillah and I wanted to release our first single with Crass, but Dan wanted to throw a spanner in the works and release our first, ‘Ballet Bag’, on the lesser known Xntrix label. Dan later contradicted himself and joined OMEGA TRIBE to be on the Crass label, he just didn’t want to do it with RUBELLA BALLET. We were allowed to manufacture 500 Ballet Bags as no one knew if it would sell as it was a cassette. What happened was beyond our wildest dreams; it ended up selling nearly 5000. We really missed out not being on the Crass label but didn’t miss out on much else as we gigged with CRASS many times including the infamous Conway Hall gig that turned into chaos when skinheads turned up to stop the gig and beat everyone up. Little did they know there was a Socialist Workers Party conference, attended mainly by Hells Angels who joined in helping the Punks. I think the skinheads ran off in the end, reinforcing the bond between bikers and Punks.
It is also true we were not going to conform with the majority and wear black. We wanted a different angle, we weren’t going to look like everyone else because we never did. Zillah has never had a day off and worn a track suit around the house EVER. Punk for Zillah was everything about what you wear as much who you are and what you think, so blending into a sea of black certainly wasn’t what Zillah was going to do. I followed suit by also wearing blindingly bright fluorescent clothes all the time, not just when you go out but to be what you are all the time. That’s why we introduced UV lights because it looked different and really trippy, bathing the audience in a sea of ultra violet so our gigs were something to look at as well as listen to, a full on audio visual experience.

..We’ve been around long enough to see how the anarchists of the 80s turned out. Does the infighting over rights or royalties dismay you - not just the Crass reissues but a certain label/distro who police the internet looking for copyright violations?
..Sid) Firstly anyone that POLICES anything is not Punk in our book. The police are fascist dictators who bend the law to suit themselves.
Having been part of CRASS history, we know that at the time they did not claim mechanical Royalties or Performing Right Society royalties that every band claims. That can come to thousands, or in CRASS’s case, tens of thousands of pounds but their purpose wasn’t to make money - it was to spread a message and to educate people as we are still attempting to do. Personally as a producer and engineer, I didn’t like the re-mastering of ‘Feeding...’ My decision is based on playing the original and the remastered back to back to compare the difference. I can see why there may be infighting because of the remix Penny had planned; I’m sure if I remastered the ‘Ballet Bag’ some people would hate it and others would love it. You can please most of the people most of the time but there is hardly ever a case where you can please all of the people all of the time. I spoke personally to Penny about the remix at a recent visit to Dial House and he explained the overwhelming difference digital mastering has over analog. We spoke for hours on the subject of recording at Southern Studios where ‘Feeding...’ was mastered and how different it is today. We spoke of recording ‘Tube Disaster’ for FLUX OF PINK INDIANS at Southern and what an amazing drum sound he got for me at the time.
Yes, the in-fighting dismayed us because everything we knew about CRASS was so selfless - the band that demanded people pay no more than 45p for a single by printing it in big letters on the front cover, the band that gave away so much free stuff at gigs. Most bands have one thing on their mind: Money. How much advance they can get from the record company, how many tickets they can sell at gigs, how much money they can make on merchandise, all money money money. Bands that allow venues to charge an arm and a leg on the door, crank up the heating to sell more drinks and have security ready to eject you in the blink of an eye, that’s not Punk. One night at a CRASS gig miles from a station, the band ferried a group of stranded fans back to the station; most other bands wouldn’t care, pack up their shit and fuck off home not giving a toss who was left and how they were going to get home, not CRASS.

..The programme ‘Benefits Street’ caused uproar amongst progressives and Sun readers alike, for very different reasons. Did you see the programme? When did Britain start hating those with nothing and ignoring those taking the piss - Royals, millionaire tax dodgers etc? Has the establishment won the propaganda war?
..Sid) I have said this before... There are frequencies that are emitted from the television that send your brain into a state of alpha. While on this enjoyable brain wavelength, you become highly susceptible to ideas in the form of suggestion. You have to make someone believe it was their idea, otherwise they will not be brainwashed through the use of media.
They don’t have to say, "buy our product," in fact they avoid it. Most commercials inform you about the product, give you reasons why it is beneficial, and then bombard your emotions - while already in a state of Alpha - and you suddenly remember that brand when you think of the thing you need.
My advice is if you really want to watch TV make sure you mute the sound on commercials or pause the tv and skip past them as corporations have spent so much money bombarding our thoughts with their product. These programs are designed to make people turn on each other instead of educating them to understand that they are being manipulated.

..Labour has been woefully inadequate in opposition but would you be vote for them to get the Tories out?
..Sid) I have to contradict myself in a way to answer this question as I am totally against Blair ordering British troops into battle five times, more than any other prime minister in British history. This included Iraq in 1998 and 2003, Kosovo (1999) Sierra Leone (2000) and Afghanistan (2001). The invasion of Iraq was particularly controversial, as it attracted widespread public opposition and 139 of Blair's MPs opposed it. So I feel like I am going against my core beliefs of NO WAR if I cast any vote, but then my conscience kicks in and a militant left wing part of me thinks if I don’t cast my vote it’s one more the absolute fascists get, so I vote to keep the Cuntservatives out.
If I can stop people wasting their vote by not voting, or voting for anything other than the Labour Party who can stop the Tories selling off the country to foreign investors before we all cotton on to what they are up to, then I will; but I do not agree with governments and what they stand for and how they enslave their populations in debt, but I can’t waste my vote and still have an opinion that would be totally hypocritical.
'Sedition’, a track from the new album, protests that the coalition sucks, as does the opposition and that the poor are drowning in debt slavery, a tax the poor to fill the treasury system which are issues affecting most people most days.

..Are you still based in London? How difficult is life there after years of yuppiefication , spiralling rents/house prices, cost of living etc?
..Sid) Yes we are based in East London. In the early 80s, Thatcher spawned a new breed of stock broker called the yuppie that were front page news because they were seen as the yobbos of the stock exchange, spending loads of money on fizzy plonk, caviar and acting like wankers. Is life difficult after years of yuppiefication? Well, yes but these days the yuppies are just incognito so we don’t notice them making millions while we sit by and suffer. The spiralling rents/house prices are a way of socially cleansing favourable parts of London. If you live in a council flat in certain parts of London the rent has just gone up; because the Cuntservative government have capped what housing benefit you are allowed to receive, they re-house you somewhere where the rent isn’t so high, somewhere in East London maybe. People are having to re-house to the other end of the country, regardless of other family members or friends, moving to somewhere where they are totally alien to the area and people. The cost of living is a joke as the Government have no plans to reduce the cost of living in line with wages because the rich make their money from most people being heavily in debt.

..You used to play the Station in Gateshead , any particular memories of the place or Toot (RIP)?
..Sid) We always used to get a brilliant turn out at the Station and enjoyed playing there - usually the highlight of any tour. For me, memories are a bit vague due to gallons of Special Brew, home brew, bags of ‘shrooms and wiz and that was just on the way to a gig! It was a recipe for a tantalising evening to come! I used to love playing the solo at the end of ‘Emotional Blackmail’ because the crowd would go nuts.
As for Toot, he used to write to us regularly and was always super exited if RUBELLA were playing anywhere near him. Rest in peace Toots you will be greatly missed by many.

..I saw you at Blackpool a couple of years ago, what did you make of the weekend? And what do you make of its critics in the anarcho scene that see Daz Russell as some kind of capitalist Satan!??
..Sid) Everyone gets it in the neck if they are financially successful. I don’t think Daz has quite got into the Bilderburg Group yet, maybe if we see Rebellion on the stock market we should then worry about him becoming the first Punk oligarch. We were one of the first bands to be asked to play Holidays in the Sun and it was one of the better festivals. As for critics, they are ubiquitous….. like dog shit.
It hasn’t grown into the monster that it is now by Daz putting on a shit festival. I think it’s a bit hypocritical to say he’s a financial Satan just because his festivals have attracted more people than any other; the only festival bigger than this is the Gothik Treffen in Lipzig. What I like about Rebellion, is all the different people from all over the world congregating in one place and all getting on with each other. I mean it’s the only place where Punks and Skinheads mix with no problems, a place of pure Punk solidarity. I like the fact that it’s a weekender so you can stay in a hotel, wake up the next day and start all over again doing what you like the most on Punk holidays….watching Punk bands. I like the way you can walk around the Winter Gardens and see different people from all over the world coming for the same thing. PUNK ROCK.
The things I don’t like about Rebellion, is it’s too expensive for most people. It’s too fucking hot, surely with all that money Daz is raking in he could introduce some cold air fans in the places where it’s hard to breathe because they have the fucking heating on to sell more drinks. The car park area is the worst, I had to leave to get some fresh air as I was about to pass out. Drinks are too expensive as well and there isn’t a good enough choice of vegetarian and vegan food.

..I was thinking your song ‘Money Talks’ is one that will never go out of fashion when it comes on the news that Michael Gove is trying to get a big Tory donor to be head of OFSTED!! What other corruption have you noticed concerning this bunch of clowns?
..Sid) The Cuntservatives are selling, if not already have sold off, all the British companies that used to be the backbone of the country to their mates in every other country in the world other the Britain. Boris banging on about it being good for business - what about the good of the fucking people? The Tories allow parasitical businesses like Wonga, Quick quid and many other pay-day loan companies to operate without ANY cap on the interest rates. This tricks the poor and venerable people of the country into loan agreements that then spiral out of control as soon as they can’t pay because the interest is in the thousands of percent. These companies are praying on the vulnerable from other countries where caps on percentages are monitored by their respective governments to protect their people from these legalised loan-sharks.
When we were deciding what went on the album, it was really hard as we had researched many things and written so many songs about so many corruptions around the world. ‘Planet Punk’ is just our attempt to shed light onto some of those things. The song ‘Run Run’ is a direct attack on the bankers and how governments bailed them out with public money. The banks just laughed all the way back to the bank with multi-million £/$ bonuses for failing the 2.4 billion pound bonuses Barclays banks are giving out to the top management, while sticking two fingers up to its customers and staff by slashing 12,000 jobs at the same time.
We have all been hearing in the news about companies that have been bailed out of insolvency because they are too big to fail. WHAT? Bail the people out of debt not the banks, bail out the poor not re-enforce the rich, it’s obvious what’s going on it’s just how long we will allow it.
If you want an example of how we are being manipulated check out what we found out in this article from The Guardian.
The old billion is now a thousand million. In 1975 Chancellor Denis Healey announced that the treasury would adopt the US billion thenceforth. Presumably at the same time what was a billion became a trillion. So when we are told we are a billion pounds in debt, is it a million million or a thousand million? There is a massive difference, work that one out.
This is one of the reasons for us to sound more seditious this time round. We want to deliver a message that we are not all going to helplessly sit back in silence while the powers that be change the laws to suit the rich. We all have a voice and with the help of like-minded people we CAN change what has seemed unchangeable for years.
This time around we are not cleverly hiding our meaning in the lyrics; we are blatantly saying it as loud as we can as we are sick of how things are in the world at the moment and we want to put a stop to it NOW!
And we haven’t even mentioned fracking yet!