The Podcasts

Listed below are the previous Hey Suburbia Podcasts.  Some may still be downloadable - it depends on the webspace I have at any given time.  All are saved on CD, so copies can be made and are readily available.  Email me to get details.

#63, 29th August 2021 GET IT!
- Save Your Generation, SONGS FOR SNAKES - A Vapid Life, THE KIMBERLY STEAKS - Out Of Life, SCHOOL DRUGS - Plastic Promise, AUTOGRAMM - Anxiety, GUN CLUB - Ghost On The Highway, NEEDLES//PINS - I Was Underjoyed If That's A Word, THE BOATSMEN - Blame It On Me, BITTER DEFEAT - Light That Shines, THE DALEKS - Rejected, COME CLOSER - Never Say Goodnight, HELLACOPTERS - Veronica Lake, AUTHORITY ZERO - Bad Mouth, THE GARY - Fallow Fields, DeeCRACKS - Don't Turn Your Heart Off, WATERWEED - Too Late, SIOUXSIE AND THE BANSHEES - Mirage, JIFFY MARX - Warning Sign, BOBBY FUNK - Dunch, FARSIDE - I'm Not Shy, I Just Don't Like You {Soundtrack: CHRIS SPEDDING - Gunfight}

#62, 9th April 2021 GET IT!
- Up Against The Wall, THE LURKERS - The Boys In The Corner, REVERSE - Undone, DFMK - Vitaminas, RUTS DC - H-Eyes, SWEEPING PROMISES - Falling Forward, THE DIODES - Terminal Rock, SENSELESS THINGS - Too Much Kissing, SYLVAIN SYLVAIN - Teenage News, DUNCAN REID AND THE BIG HEADS - For All We Know, PROTEX - Strange Things, N.O.T.A. - Moscow, THE PLEASERS - The Kids Are Alright, THE TERRITORIES - SOS, SHIP THIEVES - Race To Oblivion, UPRIGHT CITIZENS - Swastika Ratss, FATHERFIGURES - Think About It, SENSIBLE GRAY CELLS - Stupid Dictators, TSUNAMI BOMB - Irish Boys, MUD CITY MANGLERS - The Way It's Gonna Be {Soundtrack: SISTERS OF MERCY - Colours}

#61, 19th December 2020 GET IT!
- Crazy Kids, WYLDLIFE - Deathbed, REPLACEMENTS - I.O.U, DIAZ BROTHERS - Heaven Knows, PEGBOY - You, TALULAH GOSH - Be Your Baby, PUNCH DRUNK - Wrecking Ball, SEIZED UP - Blob Of Mediocrity, FRANKIE STUBBS - I Liked Being A Euorpean, SCREAMING AT TRAFFIC - Bitter, MEDICTATION - Gods And Glory. DEALING WITH DAMAGE - Some Colours Never Fade, LEFTOVER CRACK - Crack City Rockers. TRANSISTORS - Two Shadows, DIRTY BURGER - Part Time Loser, DON'T SLEEP - Abandoned Us, STEVE DREWETT - It's Christmas Time! (Oh Yeah, NaNaNa), HOLLY GOLIGHTLY - Christmas Tree On Fire, CUCKOOLAND - Silver Bells, SPELLING MISTAKES - White Trash Christmas {Soundtrack: THE RUTS - Babylon's Burning}

#60, 12th September 2020 GET IT!
THE STRANGLERS - (Get A) Grip (On Yourself), SINGING LUNGS - The Kids I Used To Know, LITTERBUG - Cutthroat Capital, KNIFE CLUB - The Tibby Tan Tiger, SPECTRES - Pictures From Occupied Europe, PARTISANS - Time Was Right, FANG - Riot In Cell Block #9, POISON IDEA - Push The Button, CROCODILE GOD - Crossed, GHOST ON TAPE - Is It A Car Crash We Are Living Now?, THE SLOW DEATH - Not Today, EPIC PROBLEM - Curse Cure, THE PRIMITIVES - Stop Killing Me, FAZ WALTZ - Is It Love, DAVE SMALLEY AND THE BANDOLEROS - Stabbed, SNFU - Fate, FREDDY FUDD PUCKER - Hunter Gatherer, THE REPLY - Life's Little Victories, DZTN 1980 - Left Behind, Holding The Trash, CARDIACS - Goodbye Grace {Soundtrack: THE DURUTTI COLUMN - Sketch For Summer}

#59, 27th April 2020
- Pressure's On, PERSONALITY CULT - Weigh Down, WARP LINES - Measured, HAKAN - Tempuras Never Come, PANDORAS - Again And Again, EDDIE AND THE HOT RODS - Quit This Town, GANG OF FOUR - Love Like Anthrax, THE MUFFS - Agony, JADE HAIRPINS - Broadstairs Beach, ARCHERS OF LOAF - Web In Front, VOLCANO SUNS - Jak, BOB MOULD - What Do You Want Me To Do, JORDAN JONES - Rumors Girls, PSYCHIC PIMPS - All I Want, THE SCANERS - I Really Wanna Know, RESTARTS - The One Percent, CHELSEA - No One's Coming Outside, SUBURBAN REPTILES - Saturday Night Stay At Home, AVAIL - Virus, CAREER SUICIDE - Quarantine {Soundtrack: THE WHO - The Ox}

#58, 8th October 2019
- Turn it On, SUSPECT PARTS - You Know I Can't Say No, LITTERBUG - Fast Forward, CASUAL NAUSEA - Cockroaches, CELIBATE RIFLES - Wonderful Life '88, JONNY MANAK AND THE DEPRESSIVES - Gift Of Desperation, SNUFF - Patient Zero, EARTH MOTHER FUCKER - Happy Shopper, GALILEO 7 - Everything Is Everything Else, PAT TODD AND THE RANKOUTSIDERS - A New Pair Of Eyes, JOHNNY THUNDERS - Too Much Junkie Business, STIFF LITTLE FINGERS - Wasted Life, INTERROBANG - Are You Ready People?, SLAUGHTER AND THE DOGS - Where Have All The Bootboys Gone?, KIRA JARI - Is It Noticeable?, CLOWNS - Prey For Us, MEMBRANES - What Nature Gives... Nature Takes Away, THE HUSSY - Coast, LENNY LASHLEY'S GANG OF ONE - Tomorrow May Never Come, SPERMBIRDS - A Quarter Till The End Of The World {Soundtrack: MIND SPIDERS - August}

#57, 2nd January 2019
- Diggin' My Own Grave, HEWHOCANNOTBENAMED - A Good Problem, COCKNEY REJECTS - Bad Man, NEIGHBORHOOD BRATS - Late Stage Capitalism, CORNER BOYS - Love Tourist, FUCKED UP - Living In A Simulation, MISGIVINGS - The Artless Life, NIGHTBIRDS - Onward To Obscurity, PETE SHELLEY - Homosapien, NAKED RAYGUN - I Don't Mind, ANTI-FLAG - Ever Fallen In Love, BUZZCOCKS - Promises, RED KROSS - Switchblade Sister, THE MORLOCKS - One Foot In The Grave, GANG OF FOUR - Damaged Goods, THEE SPIVS - I Don't Want It, LURKERS - That Was Julia, BAD SPORTS - Easy Truth, TURBO ACs - Go Ahead, G.L.O.S.S. - We Live {Soundtrack: FUGAZI - Number 5}

#56, 29th October 2018
- Police Truck, SPOILERS - Roundabouts, SILENT ERA - Borrowed Time, VANILLA POD - Grey, JOE STRUMMER - Pouring Rain, WILD ANIMALS - Pocketful Of Fears, UNION MORBIDE - Eyes Of Hatred, NATTERERS - Weeds In Our Lawn, PRETTY FLOWERS - Electrical, CHARACTER ACTOR - Out Of Hands, HARD FEELINGS - Vision, CHAIN WHIP - Overstimulated, BILLY BRAGG - Help Save The Youth Of America, PUBLIC IMAGE LIMITED - Worry, RUBELLA BALLET - Blood Money, THIS IS NOT A DRILL - Crash And Burn, HOLLY GOLIGHTLY - Pretty Clean, BITTER GROUNDS - Let Them Talk, SWINGIN' UTTERS - Seeds Of Satisfaction, ADOLESCENTS - Wrecking Crew{Soundtrack: THE DAMNED - Trojans}

#55, 9th June 2018
- See You Tonight, CLOWN SOUNDS - Work And Wait, MANIAC - Precision Accuracy, THE LAST GANG - Identity, LILLINGTONS - Villagers, NOCTURNAL PROJECTIONS - Walk In A Straight Line, THE SHADRACKS - Corinna, THE DILS - Mr Big, THE COUNTRY DARK - Every Skull Has A Story, PROUD PARENTS - Dead Wrong, STRIKNIEN D.C. - Drug Crisis, SKEPTIC? - Contradictions, NEW YORK DOLLS - Trash, BAZOOKA FIST - War Crimes, THE DARTS - Subsonic Dream, D.O.A - Gonna Set You Straight, RUNA - Espiritu Mesetario, YOUTH AVOIDERS - Ghostland, RAVAGERS - Drowning In Blood, ELECTRO HIPPIES - Dead End (Soundtrack - REVILLOS - Manhunt)

#54, 27th April 2018
- Downtown Beirut, DOWN AND OUTS - All In This Together, THE BLANKZ - White Baby, LOUDMOUTH - Square One, CASTRO - Scandinavian, SONGS FOR SNAKES - Burnout Girl, LAWRENCE ARMS - Great Lakes, Great Escapes, ABOLITIONIST - Failed Projections, THE WALL - Ghetto, RED ALERT - Take No Prisoners, ATTAK - Murder In The Subway, OMEGA TRIBE - Freedom, Peace And Unity, SWEET THINGS - Slather, NUMBER ONES - Lie To Me, HOLIDAY - Let's Go Outside, TOXIC REASONS - No Pity, ZOWISO - F.A.O. Show, FUTURE VIRGINS - The Mutuals, FOX FACE - Clever Girl, THE JAM - All Around The World (Soundtrack: JFA - Baja)

#53, 16 January 2018
- C?mon Josephine, CHANNEL 3 - Take Me To Your Leader, DEBT NEGLECTOR - Extended Checkout, STUNGRENADES - Time For War, RAMONES - It?s A Long Way Back To Germany, THE DAMNED - Anti-Pope, DEALING WITH DAMAGE - Hate Can Set You Free, PARANOID VISIONS - Greytown, THE CRAVATS - King Of Walking Away, KOMPLIKATIONS - My Hood, DELINQUENTS - Acne, CAREER SUICIDE - Suffocate, HUSKER DU - Private Hell, PEARS - Arduous Angel, SWHAT - Me!, DEAD ENDING - Shut All The Lights, NIGHT MEN - Ahahahah (On No), WRATHS - My Home, WESTERN ADDICTION - Humming Bars Of White Light, PANDEMIX - The Pornography Of Hope (Soundtrack: DAVID BOWIE - Speed Of Life)

#52, 14 May 2017
 CYANIDE PILLS - I Don't Remember, MARTHA - Chekhov's Hangnail, RADON - Kibbles And Bits. THE BRIEFS - Where Did He Go?, PANSY DIVISION - Blame The Bible, DISCOUNT - Stitch, BAZOOKA FIST - On The Box, MINISTRY - Waiting, DRONES - Lookalikes, SKIDS - Reasons, DISCO ZOMBIES - Drums Over London, THE X-CERTS - Anthem, PETER HOOK AND THE LIGHT - Disorder, HANOI ROCKS - Lost In The City, BLACK PITTS - Runaway Girl, ROACH MOTEL - Frenzy, PANTHRO UK UNITED 13 - Sound Of A Gun, REGULATOR WATTS - Rocket To Chicago, THE DIRTY PRIESTS - Til The Day I Die, ANTI-SYSTEM - Eyes Wide Shut (Soundtrack: THE RADIATORS FROM SPACE - 6.10 Special)

#51, 22 January 2017
- Auld Lang Syne, PARASITES - I Wanna Be Like Dee Dee Ramone, TOYS THAT KILL - War On Words, RIKK AGNEW BAND - Learn, THEATRE OF HATE - Do You Believe In The Westworld, CARDIACS - The Leader Of The Starry Skies, DOWN LOVE - Who Is Counting, DRAKULAS - I'm Getting Out, MENTHOL - Dissect (Lift The Spell), CRIM - No Hi Serem, M.D.C. - Millions Of Damn Christians, RESTARTS - Outsider, DAMNED - Generals, DAYLIGHT ROBBERY - New Threat, THE ENEMY - 50,000 Dead, THE BUSINESS - Smash The Discos, UNDERCLASS UK - One Size Fit All, DISASTER STRIKES - Deconstruct The Plot, DEAD ENDING - Ivanka Wants Her Orange Back, EXTERMINATORS - Patriotic American (Soundtrack: PAILHEAD - Anthem)

#50, 23 October 2016
- Psychic Attack, STEVE IGNORANT WITH PARANOID VISIONS - Something More, TRANSISTORS - I've Been Stupid, STARVING MILLIONS - Big Man, HOLLYWOOD BRATS - Zurich 17, PENNY COCKS - So Excited, PEARS - Doorbell, RIPCORD - On The Way Down, SPECTRES - Revisions, ARCTIC FLOWERS - Tell My Horse, NO PROBLEM - Killing Game, CULT VALUES - Stones, CHRON GEN - Imagination, DIRECT HIT - Forced To Sleep, LEE HARVEYS - Know Your Enemy, MODERN TERROR - Messiah On Main Street, SNFU - My Pathetic Past, CIRCLE JERKS - Coup d'etat, REVENGE OF PSYCHOTRONIC MAN - Share If You Agree, SCREECHING WEASEL - Hey Suburbia (Soundtrack: STIFF LITTLE FINGERS - Go For It)

#49, 25 June 2016
- Man In A Trap, ROUGH KIDS - I Seldom Try, NERVOSAS - Nothing, SUPER FAST GIRLIE SHOW - Mind Control, CULTURE SHOCK - Private Revolutions, THE RUTS - H-Eyes, SWIZ - Taste, GRIPPER - Screens, HALO OF FLIES - Easy Or Hard, GAS HUFFER - Before I Kill Again, GAUNT - Kiss Destroyer, COWS - Walks Alone, MUNCIE GIRLS - Gas Mark 4, MISCHIEF BREW - Two Nickels, STEAKKNIFE - Harpoon, PURE HELL - Rot In the Doghouse, BAD COP/ BAD COP - Sugarcane, BASEMENT BENDERS - First Heat, MAD PARADE - Hollywood Vampires, CAREER SUICIDE - Attempted Suicide (Soundtrack: EDDY CURRENT SUPPRESSION RING - That's Inside Of Me)

#48, 2 April 2016
- Action Time Vision, MEAN JEANS - Night Vision, WHITE MURDER - Roosevelt, JADED EYES - The Weight, JOHNNY MOPED - I Believed Her Lies, PARANOID VISIONS - Across The Holocausts, SHIP THIEVES - Born To This, PCP EAGLES - Nature Boy, UNDERGROUND RAILROAD TO CANDYLAND - And Now, DWARVES - We Must Have Blood, SCREECHING WEASEL - In The Pale Of The Midnight Sun, FYP - Come Home Smelly, GRANT HART - You're The Reflection Of The Moon On The Water, CHELSEA - No Escape, MIND SPIDERS - Cold, NERVOUS TREND - Decency, POISON GIRLS - State Control, CITIZEN FISH - World Gone Mad, WORLD BE FREE - Of My World, LEFTOVER CRACK - Don't Shoot (Soundtrack: CUTE LEPERS - World Of Suspense)

#47, 1 July 2015
- On The Nod, THE BOMB - Silent Fall, PINHEAD GUNPOWDER - Song Of My Returning, NOWHERE - Funeral Attendance Low, ELMERHASSEL - Safeish, SCREECHING WEASEL - Joanie Loves Johnny, GOOD RIDDANCE - Dry Season, BLATZ - Homemade Speed, CRIMPSHRINE - Safely Wasting Away, THIRTY SIX STRATEGIES - Tired Eyes, JOHNNY THUNDERS - One Track Mind, QUEERS - Ursula Finally Has Tits, MR T EXPERIENCE - Sackcloth And Ashes, SUNSHINE STATE - Sour Mash, FAT MIKE AND FRIENDS - Urban Campers, CRUMBS - Shakespeare, SHEHEHE - Days Off, ISOCRACY - Rodeo, EXTERNAL MENACE - Rights Now, OPERATION IVY - Sleep Long (Soundtrack: DRIVE LIKE JEHU - Step On Chameleon)

#46, 6 April 2015
- One Hundred, RADIO BIRDMAN - Crying Sun, SPELLING MISTAKES - Hate Me Hate Me, JONNY MANAK AND THE DEPRESSIVES - Two Faced Loser, DICKIES - My Pop The Cop, BEACH SLANG - Dirty Cigarettes, TRANSISTORS - Bright And Early, TERMINUS - Annihilation Age, REALLY RED - Starvation Dance, FUGAZI - In Defence Of Humans, GUNS 'N' WANKERS - Skin Deep, HIP PRIESTS - Flat Out 'n' Fucked Up, DIRTY PRIESTS - I Don't Understand, YARD APES - Don't Give A Shit Anymore, NO IDEA - No Nuke, VIOLENT ARREST - Cold Front, GOLDBLADE - My Mind Is Like An Atom Bomb, FLIES ON YOU - Action Stations, BLACK VOLVO - Sure Bet, CONFLICT - Mighty And Superior (Soundtrack: JOHNNY THUNDERS - Pipe Line)

#45, 25 January 2015
- Ghost Of Blackend Days, HARD-ONS - If I Were You I'd Hit The Deck, BREAKOUT - Retaliate, OFF! - Learn To Obey, GAMEFACE - Swing State, CASTRO - Nocturnally Yours, DIE! DIE! DIE! - Crystal, HANK WOOD AND THE HAMMERHEADS - Nervous City, SLICE OF LIFE - The Way Things Are, ROUGHNECK RIOT - The Last Of Us, PRONTO - Red Flag, CJ RAMONE - Pitstop, WORLD/INFERNO FRIENDSHIP SOCIETY - Don't Kiss Me, I'm Running Out Of Lipstick, LAURA PALMER - Summer's Over, STEVE ADAMYK BAND - Waiting For The Top, ADOLESCENTS - Bulletproof, DUNCAN REID AND THE BIG HEADS - One Night In Rio, LAGWAGON - Poison In The Well, LUICIDAL - Green Light, DOMESTICS - Fuck Your War (Soundtrack: RADIO BIRDMAN - Man With Golden Helmet)

#44, 27th July 2014
 UNDERCLASS UK - Street Cleaner, RUBELLA BALLET - All Potential Terrorists, TERMINUS - In Another Time, BRAIDED VEINS - The Future Lasts Forever, TIM BARRY - 40 Miler, DOWN BY LAW - New Autonomy, MORNING GLORY - Standard Issue, YOUNG CONSERVATIVES - The Fabled Middle Ground, FUCKED UP - The Art Of Patrons, AUTONOMADS - Dickenson Three, WONK UNIT - Ghost Writer, D.O.A - Unknown, RAMONES - Pinhead, SUPERSUCKERS - High Tonight, EPIC PROBLEM - Weak, INSTIGATORS - Blind Eye, MENACE - I Don't Care, FRANTIX - Car, SHIRKS - Bad Area, MISFITS - Die Die My Darling (Soundtrack: MC5 - Sister Anne)

#43, 30th December 2013
- Werewolves Of Wall Street,
ABOLITIONIST - Thank Them, SLAVES - It's An Epidemic, SICKOIDS - Occupy Your Time, ROUGH KIDS - Cyanide, HDQ - Never Ending Winter, STEVE ADAMYK BAND - Nightmare, NIGHT BIRDS - New Cults, REPLACEMENTS - Lost Highway, DOWN AND OUTS - Dancing To A Different Song, FRANCEENS - Goddit, SNUFF - There Goes The Waltzinblack, LOW CULTURE - California, HOT WATER MUSIC - Paper Thin, RED DONS - Dead Ender, GOLDBLADE - We're All In It Together, STEVE IGNORANT WITH PARANOID VISIONS - United Left Annoyance (U.L.A), NOFX - My Sychopant Others, FP - El Cami Directe, DEAD ENDING - Dead Ending (Soundtrack: CULTURE SHOCK - All (Messed Up) Together)

#42, 10th November 2013
VELVET UNDERGROUND - Venus In Furs, THIRTY SIX STRATEGIES - Landscape Of Loss, STEVE ADAMYK BAND - Had A Heartattack, BONES IDLES - State Of Confusion, EATER - Sweet Jane, SPRINGTIME - Here Now, SMEGMA AND THE NUNZ - Nuns Of Guatemala, THE SHORTS - Please Stop Telling Me I'm Clueless, RADIATORS FROM SPACE - Television Screen, CHIXDIGGIT - Thursday Night, EAST TOWN PIRATES - Another Day, BLITZ - Vicious, MICKEY ERG - I'll Be Your Mirror, FP - Combustio Espontania, ATOM AGE - Too Much Fun, JADED EYES - Living For The Kill, THE VIBRATORS - Automatic Lover, PHOENIX FOUNDATION - Settled, 1981 - Discarded Remnants, LOU REED - Sword Of Damacles (Soundtrack: THE POGUES - Thousands Are Sailing)

#41, 29th July 2013
- Battlefield W1, BLOCKO - Aches And Pains, UNDERCLASS UK - Get Out Of My Way, DEAD ENDING - Indefinite Detention, CRAZYHEAD - Out On A Limb, PMT - Drama Queen, ABOLITIONIST - Tattoo, MDC - My family Is A Little Weird, HARD ONS - Where Did She Come From?, ANCHORS - Grimes, TOPNOVIL - Another Scenario, VICIOUS CIRCLE - Police Brutality, FACE TO FACE - Welcome Back To Nothing, GOLDBLADE - The Shaman Are Coming, SUPER FAST GIRLIE SHOW - Mind Control, OFF WITH THEIR HEADS - S.O.S., INDIAN DREAM - Four Winds, GENERATION DEAD - In Fear Of Fear, INFECTIOUS GARAGE DISEASE - Freaks, REVENGE OF THE PSYCHOTRONIC MAN - Booze Time (Soundtrack: THE FLYS - Fly V Fly)

#40, 3rd June 2013
JOHNNY THUNDERS - You Can?t Put Your Arms Around A Memory, RANCID - New Orleans, DEVILS ELBOW - Like A Flash, FILTHY THIEVING BASTARDS - Take Me To The Medics, THE EVENS - You Fell Down, CHUMBAWAMBA - So Long, So Long, MIKE NESS - Six More Miles, BLOOD OR WHISKEY - Goodbye Me Girl, WHISKEY AND CO - Road To Nowhere, GRANDPA BOY - Souvenirs, GREG GRAFFIN - Talk About Suffering, MDC - Country Squawk, BLYTH POWER - Bacchus On The Wagon, LIBERTY - Revolution Time, DASH RIP ROCK - In This World, SAINTS - A Minor Aversion, BOOTSCRAPER - Devils, JIMMY ISLIP AND THE GHOSTS - I Salute You, OLD MAN MARKLEY - Hand Me Down, VANDALS - Elvis Decanter (Soundtrack: LONDON PUNKHARMONIC ORCHESTRA - Holiday In Cambodia)

#39, 22nd April 2013
- No Government, ARROGANT BASTARDS - Things You Do, LEATHERFACE - Animal Day, JELLO BIAFRA AND THE GAUNTANAMO SCHOOL OF MEDICINE - John Dillinger, KILLING JOKE - Empire Song, FLESH D-VICE - Kill That Girl, NEW BOMB TURKS - Apocalyptic Dipstick, ROUGH KIDS - Locked Inside, SLAVES - She Grew Old, CONFLICT - I Heard A Rumour, ANIMAL TRAIN - Vital Core, DOMESTICS - N-N-N-N-Nervous, HOT WATER MUSIC - Rooftops, ANNALISE - New Sound, MENSHEVIK - Ceasefire, LOUDER THAN BOMBS - Belong, CREEM - The Bricks, ANTI-HEROS - Rich People Don't Go To Jail, DICKS - Dead In A Motel Room, CRASS - How Does It Feel? (Soundtrack: SUBHUMANS - Pissed Off With Good Reason)

#38, 6th February 2013
- Riot Squad, CUT UPS - The Gold War, THE CROWD - Straight Down, SNUFF - Rat Run, PASCOW - Spraypaint The Walls, PARLOUR TRICKS - Radio Out, CHANNEL THREE - Land Of The Free, ANTIDOTE - Zero Mentality, JAH WOBBLE AND KEITH LEVENE - Mississippi, SPIRIT OF JOHN - Atrocities, RUN, FOREVER - Sun Bruised, BOB MOULD - Silver Age, THE GUNS - I'm Not Right (2), STEREO STATE - Beachball, PINK LINCOLNS - Real Life, TRAGEDY - Eyes Of Madness, BRIEFS - She's Abrasive, BAD BEACH - Victim of Society, LOW CULTURE - To The Grave, LURKERS - I Don't Need To Tell Her (Soundtrack: THE CURE - A Forest)

#37, 23rd December 2012
- Stitch Me Up, NOISE BY NUMBERS - Southgate House, NOFX - Cell Out, STATE FUNERAL - National Anathema, THE STIFFS - Inside Out, SEX PEST - Maybe Bloody Never, ANTHRAX - Another, OFF! - Man From Nowhere, FLIES ON YOU - Despairselfloathing, HOUR OF THE WOLF - Taking Out The Trash, TOXIC LAB RATS - All Alone On A Sunday, SWINGIN' UTTERS - The Librarians Are Hiding Something, REVULSION - Feed The Rich At Christmastime, CHRIST ON A CRUTCH - Nuclear Holocaust: A Christmas Song, THE CREAMERS - Father Christmas, PARANOID VISIONS - Hosanna In A Hiace, TOY DOLLS - Credit Crunch Christmas, DESCENDENTS - Christmas Vacation, JIMMY SEVERE AND THE BLUE CHRISTMAS BOYS - Come All Ye Faithful, X - Santa Clause Is Coming To Town (Soundtrack: PEGBOY - Locomotivelung)

#36, 16th September 2012
- Complete Control, DOWN AND OUTS - Wrap Time, ABOLITIONIST - Cut The Head Off This Snake, DICKS - Kill From The Heart, BEDFORD FALLS - Annabella, GOVERNMENT ISSUE - Summer Of Blood, NO USE FOR A NAME - Justified Black Eye, SUBHUMANS - Can't Hear The Words, CITIZEN FISH - It Can't Go On Forever, DOA - Do You Wanna, MONKS OF SCIENCE - Cry For Help, NEW BOMB TURKS - Action, 45 GRAVE - Night Of The Demons, ANGST - Neil Armstrong, FROGS OF WAR - Talk To You, PARANOID VISIONS - On The Run, JOE STRUMMER AND THE MESCALEROS - Coma Girl, SUGAR - Helpless, MOVING TARGETS - Let Me Know Why, REVENGE OF THE PSYCHOTRONIC MAN - 15 Million Merits (Soundtrack: BIG BOYS - Common Beat)

#35, 22nd July 2012
- Linoleum, TEENAGE BOTTLEROCKET - Punk House Of Horror. AUTONOMADS - Nobody's Winning Here, DEAD ENDING - This Is A Stick Up, CROSS STITCHED EYES - All Superior, ANARCHITEX - Big Grey Boat, HANGMEN - She Cracked, RAZAR - Stamp Out Disco, TOYS THAT KILL - I Don't Want To Be Around, THE PENNY COCKS - Burning Down My Youth, DOWN BY LAW - All In, PEGBOY - You Fight Like A Girl, DINOSAUR JR - Let It Ride, TOKYO ADVENTURES - Piff Poff Poof, WHATEVER BRAINS - Bad Dads, HATED 'TIL PROVEN - Soldier Song, CRAVATS - Welcome, STATE LINES - Plenty Of Time, JD AND THE FDCS - From The Shadows, NEWTOWN NEUROTICS - Wake Up (Soundtrack: UK SUBS - Warhead)

#34, 28th May 2012
- Heart Attack Man, UNDERCLASS UK - Fantasies Of Violence, HOMELIFE - No Direction, THE FREAKS UNION - Direction And Rejection, (POP)ULATION - Start A War, BEST PRACTICES - Get Confident, Stupid, THE SUSTAINED - Speed, ABRASIVE WHEELS - BBC, SHITTY LIMITS - Sleep In Satin, DARK AGES - Out Of This World, UX VILEHEADS - No Salvation, DOUBLE NEGATIVE - Fire Trap, HIGH DIVE - I And You And We, X - The Once Over Twice, DEATH BY SNOO SNOO - Nuppu, CRASS - Rival Tribal Rebel Revel, BEVERLEY KILLS - Flawed, ENDLESS COLUMN - Tic For Tac, ANTISECT - Heresy, TRAGEDY - Black Against Night (Soundtrack: THE STRANGLERS - Walk On By)

#33, 19th March 2012
- Big Time, BELGRADO - Those Times, THE MIGHTY FINE - To Indiana, AGNOSTIC FRONT - Riot Riot Upstart, THE SPECIALS - Too Much Too Young, MIND SPIDERS - Play Out Out, MISSPENT YOUTH - Sharp Objects, CITY DWELLER - August, HONEY BANE - Girl On The Run, NIGHTLIGHTS - Detox Mansion, LOST CHERREES - Pleasant Valley Sunday, CHRIST ON A CRUTCH - I'm A Believer, MC5 - The American Ruse, THE MAGNIFICENT - King Of The Denim Jackets, THE COPYRIGHTS - The New Frontier, WASTED LIFE - Why Me, BLONDIE - X-Offender, LAGWAGON - Sick, KIM PHUC - Heathens, THE DOMESTICS - Machine (Soundtrack: TEXAS IS THE REASON - Something To Forget)

#32, 29th January 2012
BANNER PILOT - Alchemy, GREY AREA - Bad Anything, THE BLEEDERS - Out Of Time, NIGHTBIRDS - Hoffman Lens, STUNTCHILD - I'll Tell You, 1981 - Alone, SONIC AVENUES - Throw It Away, BRAIN 3¡Ù - Seawall, See, MEGA CITY FOUR - January, A DEATH IN THE FAMILY - From Nothing To Nowhere, DOOMTOWN - Walking Through Walls, RUIZ RADIO REVOLUTION - Pilgrim Song, SHONEN KNIFE - She's The One, DIRTY FILTHY MUGS - In Walked The Devil, RATIONS - Parenthesis, SHATTERED FAITH - Right Is Right, DEAD TO ME - The Trails Of Oscar Wilde, MIXTAPES - Where I Live, BERSICKER - Hi-Def Death, POISON IDEA - Town Hall (Soundtrack: PUBLIC IMAGE LTD - Albatross)

#31, 20th December 2011
- You Against You, JD AND THE FDCS - Stupid Music Played By Idiots, NO MORE ART - The Young King, HOLDING ATTACK - Realitas, LOOKING BACK - Standing Strong, SAMIAM - My Convenience, THE ESTRANGED - Doubts And Regrets, PHOENIX FOUNDATION - I Wish, JFA - Sponsored Guy, DEFCON ZERO - Face Down Floating In The Thames, SUPERCHUNK - Child's Christmas In Wales, JOAN JETT AND THE BLACKHEARTS - Little Drummer Boy, VIBRATORS - I Hate Christmas, SSD - Jolly Old Saint Nick, CELIBATE RIFLES - Merry Christmas Blues, IMPACT - Punk Christmas, VANDALS - Grandpa's Last Christmas, SLOPPY SECONDS - Lonely Christmas, CHANNEL THREE - Blue Christmas, FUCKED UP - Feed The World

#30, 26th November 2011
DRAGONS - Loaded, THE SHIRKS - Cry Cry Cry, SAINTE CATHERINES - Ring Of Fire = 4 Points, STICKY FILTH - Overflow, JAWBOX - Chump, HDQ - Grey World, PEZZ - Slippery Rock, THE GR'UPS - A Little Lost, BLYTH POWER - Goodbye General, DEMOB - No Room For You, STAR FUCKING HIPSTERS - Death Is Never Out Of Fashion, RISING STRIKE - Joker's Mistake, JAPANTHER - Battle of The Hopeless Crushes, I.C.H. - Big Yellow Taxi, THE BAGS - Babylonian Gorgon, SIEGE - Walls, FAITH - Aware, SECTION 13 - Stand, AEROBITCH - On The Run, LOS CRUDOS - Identidad Perdida

#29, 18th October 2011
- Small Wonder, RVIVR - Can't Stand It, TOMORROW COME THE WOLVES - All Roads Lead Outwards, COLERA - De O Fora, CRISIS - Back In The USSR, AGAINST ME! - Problems, OFFICER DOWN - Nothing At All,  EMBRACE - Money, STEVE ADAMYK BAND - Never Wake Up, THE ERGS - The Second Foundation, BAD SPORTS - Get My Head, AUTISTIC YOUTH - Soldiers Of Talk, SUZY AND LOS QUATTRO - Kick Ass, COBRA SKULLS - Now You Know, CONNIPTION - Grey Matters, VIOLENT ARREST - Great Firewall Of China, BUSINESS - Harry May, HOT WATER MUSIC - Turnstile, SCHEISSE MINNELLI - Mindless, F.U.'s - Preskool Dropouts

#28 - 24th September 2011
WANTON THOUGHT - In The Glue, TIMESHARES - Too Many ELO Days, BUZZCOCKS - Promises, LAWRENCE ARMS - Like A Record Player, TOMMY STINSON - Don't Deserve You, HANGMEN - Train, DEE DEE RAMONE - Get Off Of The Scene, THE DAMNED - Born To Kill, PANORAMA IN BLACK - City Of Dreams, EAST BAY RAY AND THE KILLER SMILES - You're Such A Fake, HDQ - Have Faith, RIOT 111 ¨C 1981, NO IDEA - Rugger Bugger, PARTISANS - The Time Was Right, CROCODILE GOD - The Scene As You Are Leaving, TREMORS - Clean Slate, NIRVANA - Breed, CEREBRAL BALLZY - Insufficient Fare, JESUS LIZARD - Now Then, LES THUGS - Flags

#27 - 27th August 2011
-Sonic Reducer, DUN2DEF - Social Suicide, FAKE BOYS - Raymond And James, THE SHORTS - Confused By The Funk, EDDY CURRENT SUPPRESSION RING - I Got A Feeling, IRON CHIC - I Always Never Said That, WOLVES AT BAY - Strangers In My Basement, TURBONEGRO - Back To Dungaree High, CULTURE SHOCK - Countdowns, BIKINI KILL - New Radio, THE RABBLE - Wade Hotel, BANGERS - Church Street In Ruins, DIRTY TACTICS - Light In August, YELLOW BELTS - War On Science, SMOGTOWN - Sneaking Out, ANTI SYSTEM - Government Lies, BIG BOYS - Fun Fun Fun, CHOPPER - 4 LOM, CUTE LEPERS - I Can't Do Things, IGGY AND THE STOOGES - Search And Destroy

#26 - 19th July 2011
- Power Of The Press, UNDERGROUND RAILROAD TO CANDYLAND - My Number's On The Stall, CHIEF - Get Out, SLIME - Hey Punk, FUZZTONES - This Game Called Girl, HENCHMEN - Death Machine, DIRECT HIT! - Satan Says, BATTALION OF SAINTS - No More Lies, CHIXDIGGIT! - Swedish Rat, d.b.s - Pet, CLOSET MONSTER - Corporate Media Death Squad, FUCKED UP - Serve Me Right, HOLD TIGHT! - Virginia Is Beautiful, Wish You Were Here, VERBAL ABUSE - No Thanks To You, SICK OF IT ALL - Injustice System, GOVERNMENT WARNING - Cutting Room Floor, ZOUNDS - Deportee, RHYTHM COLLISION - Bombs For You, ADOLESCENTS - One Nation Under Seige, THE JAM - News Of The World

#25 - 12th June 2011
- Never Say Die, HARD ONS - Watch Ya Step Boy, SMALL BROWN BIKE - A Minor Movement, WORRIERS - Made To Mend, NIGHT BIRDS - Prognosis: Negative, BLUE TIP - Cheap Rip, JUKEBOX ROMANTICS - Lies, POISONERS - Health For The Wealthy, TEENAGE BOTTLEROCKET - Skate Or Die, COBRA SKULLS - Hot Sand, SWINGIN' UTTERS - Reds And Blues And Beggars, TILT - War Room, TV SMITH - Man Down, DIG IT UP - Cops On Horses, TESTORS - Let's Get Zooed Out, DEFIANCE - Warfare, MISSION OF BURMA  - 2wice, BURNT CROSS - Apocalyptic Battlefields, JELLO BIAFRA AND THE GUANTANAMO SCHOOL OF MEDICINE - Victory Stinks, CRASS - Have A Nice Day

#24 - 22nd May 2011
- Thrash City, CARRY ONS - Rivers Of Asphalt, CREEPERSIN - Last House On The Left On Mockingbird Lane, MENZINGERS - So It Goes, MEAT PUPPETS - Bucket Head, RUNNY - Cheap Grace, COCKNEY REJECTS - I'm Forever Blowing Bubbles, DRY HEAVES - My TV, UNFUN - Shallow Graves, STAND OUT RIOT - Live For Nothing, AFTER THE FALL - Throgs Neck, NEGATIVE GAIN - Nuclear Winter, SOCIAL DISTORTION - Gimme The Sweet And Lowdown, MIDWAY STILL - Mystery Song, SKEPTIC? - Desperation, DEPRAVED - Shout!, VISIONS OF CHANGE - Burn Within, OFF WITH THEIR HEADS - Hard To Admit, BLACK CHROME - Eagle Soul, X RAY SPEX - I Can't Do Anything

#23 - 17th April 2011
IGGY AND THE STOOGES - I Got A Right, HITCHERS - Shake Ruby UB, LOUDMOUTHS - Saki To Me, EAST TOWN PIRATES - Knife, POCKET GENIUS - Fortunes, BRUBECK - Beer Tongue, RUN, FOREVER - No Truth, NOMEANSNO - It's Catching Up, CITIZEN FISH - How Far Does It Go?, STAPLES - Punk Rock Girls, ZERO ZERO - Holiday On Crack, ONE WIN CHOICE - Ocean, Luzerne, Monroe, TEEN REBEL DOPEFIENDS - Mr. Official, BITCH SLAP BARBIE - Taken Over, DWARVES - You'll Never Take Us Alive, DEEP SLEEP - Turn Me Off, McRACKINS - Goodbye Joey, SIBLING RIVALRY - On The Beach, RAMONES - Do You Remember Rock And Roll Radio, JOEY RAMONE - What A Wonderful World

#22 - 15th March 2011
VRGNS - Hide And Seek, MIXTAPES - I Was A Teenage Poltergeist, LIVING REJECTS - In The Dead Of Night, SNFU - Victims of The Womaniser, GODFATHERS - 'Cause I Said So, GRIPPER - Cunty Nose, GIGLINGER - Dead Wrong, CRASS - Punk Is Dead, LOVEJUNK - Jealous, CHOCOLATE - Blue Streak, OPTIMUM WOUND PROFILE - You're Weak, EXTREME NOISE TERROR - Johnny Won't Get To Heaven, CAPTAIN, WE'RE SINKING - It's A Trap, MEASURE (SA) - Checklist, DEZERTER - Ekonomia, CAMPAIGN - Old Blues, DOPAMINES -My Future's So Bright I Gotta Wear Night Vision Goggles, NOTHINGTON - The Ocean, WHITE FLAG - Festive Shapes, BLACK FLAG - Jealous Again

#21 - 25th January 2011
RANCID - New Orleans, TV EYE - Lazer, PLAGUE - Battle Zone, OFF! - Jeffery Lee Pierce, FOUR LETTER WORD - Unconditional, MACKIE (aka EPIC PROBLEM) - Reason, D4 - Trust Nobody, ESKORBUTO - Es Un Crimen, TIM BARRY - (Memento Mori), BLACKLIST ROYALS - Tennessee Blues, RIOT BEFORE - What I've Missed, DEVILS BRIGADE - Halfway To Hell, AVAIL - Lomardy Street, SAMIAM - Stepson, STEEL RULES DIE - Sunny Albany, I DEFY - Unconditional, ARRIVALS - Frontline, NOVA MOB - Where You Gonna Land (Next Time You Fall Off Of Your Mountain), CORTINAS - Television Families, OPERATION IVY - Sound System

#20 - 13th December 2010
- The Invisible Disease, NONE MORE BLACK - Iron Mouth Act, RF7 - Left 4 Dead, STAGE BOTTLES - Bring Back The Red Bricks, ATTILA THE STOCKBROKER - Blood For Oil, NO TAG - Mistaken Identity, ATOM AGE - Look, Watch And Listen, SCREECHING WEASEL - Your Morality, IGNITE - Disengage, DANGER!MAN - Pirates, JELLO BIAFRA AND THE GUANTANAMO SCHOOL OF MEDICINE - New Feudalism, TH' INBRED - Jesus Youth, J CHURCH - Christmas Lights, TV SMITH - Christmas Bloody Christmas, JIMMY SEVERE AND THE BLUE CHRISTMAS BOYS - I Wish It Could Be Christmas Everyday, YOBS - Silver Bells, BLONDIE - We Three Kings, REVILLOS - Santa Claus Is Coming To Town, DICKIES - Silent Night, HARD SKIN - Ding Dong Merrily Oi Oi

#19 - 9th November 2010
- Alachua, ARTICLES OF FAITH - With A Vengeance, EXIT CONDITION - Our Hero, PENNYWISE - We're Gonna Fight, RUBELLA BALLET - Arctic Flowers, DEVILS ELBOW - These Days, GREAT ST. LOUIS - Closest Enemies, SUPERBEES - Silver Jet, FLYBOYS - Crayon World, REDD KROSS - Look On Up At The Bottom, ADOLESCENTS - The Liar, MIDDLE CLASS - Out Of Vogue, MEDIATROCITY - Eagle's Claws, GRB - El Buen Camino, THE SHORTS - Aren't You Just Preaching To The Converted?, OUT COLD - Burn, THE SLITS - Typical Girls, EAST TOWN PIRATES - Given To Take, THE DARK - The Last Day, BOUNCING SOULS - True Believers

#18 - 27th September 2010
- Meet Me In The Middle, GOOD RIDDANCE - Free, TOXIC LAB RATS - Lucy's Got a Bomb, PART-TIME CHRISTIANS - Case, OUTSIDERS - Voice Of Reason, VEEBEES - Bottla Red, ATTITUDE ADJUSTMENT - Warfear, NO FRIENDS - Black Hearse, L-SEVEN - Insanity, NECROS - Take Em Up, AVENGERS - Corpus Christi, CRIME - San Francisco's Doomed, BLAGGERS ITA - Here's Johnny (Post-Election Mix), PARANOID VISIONS - War Is Over, SICK ON THE BUS - Whores Not Wars, THIS MOMENT IN BLACK HISTORY - Photonegative, MC5 - Kick Out The Jams, THE BROKEDOWNS - This Cult Is A Bummer, VIOLENT ARREST - Fools, GERMS - Land Of Treason

#17 - 27th August 2010
- The Eyes Of Death, FOUR LETTER WORD - To Have And To Have Not, BHOPAL STIFFS - Product, THE CASTING OUT - Before We Die, OXXON - Radiation Baby, HEWHOCANNOTBENAMED - Superhero, FAINTEST IDEA - Dead Future, VILLAIN - Dissent, WAXING CAPTORS - Jaywalkin' Out Your Heart, SAMIAM - Are You Alright, DIRTY TACTICS - The Process, CHRISTIAN DEATH - Dogs, BOOTSCRAPER - Gimme Some Time, POLITICAL ASYLUM - Do They Care?, BROKEN BONES - Death By Demand, COFFEE RAGE - Never Restrictions, RESTLESS HABS - Finally, FLATLINERS - Here Comes Trouble, DEAD LAZLO¡¯S PLACE - Charley's Girls, PEGBOY - Louisiana

#16 - 4th February 2010
¨C Ten In 2010, DEAD TO ME - A Day Without A War, FLIPSIDES - The Best Of Times, OUTSIDERS - Bonfires And Friendfires, BIRTHDAY PARTY - Blast Off, X-RAY SPEX - Genetic Engineering, COCOCOMA - Water Into Wine, BEAUTY SCHOOL DROPOUT - One For Sorrow, COCKNEY REJECTS - Flares N Slippers, LOWER CLASS BRATS - New Seditionaries, GBH ¨C Impounded, RUST - You Ain't Lived, CARRY-ONS - Zero In, COURTESY MURDER - Georgia, BEAT THE RED LIGHT - Never A Dull Moment, SENSE OF URGENCY - Lowbrow, REATARDS - Blew My Mind, SUICIDE BOMB - Track 6, AVSKUM - Massacre In Fallujah, ICONS OF FILTH - Evilspeak (Soundtrack: MOTORHEAD - Overkill)

#15 - 11th December 2009
VANILLA POD - Saturday Night, EASTER MONKEYS - Underpants, SLEEP - The Future Starts Here, HOUSE OF COMMONS - Way Down South, NO FRIENDS - Black Hearse, FOUR LETTER WORD - Kid Against The Wall, PISTOL WHIP - Heart Throb, I GOT A VIOLET - Swing Swang, FOAMY ED - Exhale, IMPERIAL LEATHER - Doubly Cursed, THE BOMB - Not Christmas Night, HANOI ROCKS - Dead By Xmas, GERIATRIC UNIT - Christmas 1977 (The Endless Sickness), PETER AND THE TEST TUBE BABIES - I'm Getting Pissed For Christmas, BOUNCING SOULS + WESTON - Do They Know Its Christmas?, F - White Christmas, NEW BOMB TURKS - Christmas (Baby Please Come Home), BAD RELIGION - God Rest You Jerry Mentleman, MURPHYS LAW - Santa's Got a Brand New Bag, BALLISTICS - All I Want For Christmas Is Abi Titmuss

#14 - 2nd November 2009
- Catholic Boy, GERMS - Land Of Treason, CHANNEL 3 - Fear Of Life, GEARS - Don't Be Afraid To Pogo, D.I's - People Like Me, TEEN GENERATE - Mess Me Up, D'CORNER BOIS - Everything's A Mess, ENGLISH DOGS - Free To Kill, GRANT HART - Narcissus, Narcissus, BUZZCOCKS - What Do I Get, KRUM BUMS - Coliseum, FALSE ALARM - Horrible Life, YOUTH GONE MAD - False Alarm, DOA - Overtime, COMMON ENEMY - We're Under Attack, FACE VALUE - Up To Us, BANNER PILOT - Farewell To Iron Bastards, LEFTOVER CRACK - Burn Them Prisons, MISSING TEETH - No Way Out, DILLINGER FOUR - Doublewhiskeycokenice

#13 - 16th September 2009
ANTI-FLAG - Sodom. Gomorrah, Washington DC, JFA - Great Equalizer, PAINT IT BLACK - Sacred, DEAD KENNEDYS - The Great Wall, UK SUBS - I Robot, MIKE PUKE - Christian Hypocrite, WOLVES AND THIEVES - I'm Sorry, NEW CHRISTS - My Existence, LOS SALVADORES - My Coloured Town, AMERICAN STEEL - Lights Out, AGAINST ME! - This Shit Rules, TRANZMITORS - Is Your Head Hollow, DANGERS CLOSE - Denial, GOVERNMENT ISSUE - Happy People, DWARVES - Downey Jr., PROPAGANDHI - The Banger's Embrace, AOA - All Our Anger, ANTHRAX - One Last Drop, SUBHUMANS - No, ANTISECT - In Darkness

#12 - 1st July 2009
The Quitter, RUBBER CITY REBELS - Your Television Lies, PANSY DIVISION - Never You Mind, SHITTY LIMITS - Your Limits Are My Limits, RED FLAG 77 - Tomorrow Never Comes, STUPIDS - Remember Me Dismember You, STRIKE ANYWHERE - New Architects, WITCH HUNT - Reflections, NARCOLEPTIC YOUTH - Narcoleptic Youth, FREEZE - Killing Me, SKULLS - Rattle Your Bones, STALAG 13 - Sometime, FLIPPER - Transparent Blame, SOUNDS OF SWAMI - Lapels, CROSS STITCHED EYES - Age Of Consumption, REMISSION - One Nation, ROCKETS JOCKS - What Can I Do?, HUDSON FALCONS - Desire To Burn, PAGANS - She's A Cadaver, NEW YORK DOLLS - Muddy Bones

#11 - 4th May 2009
DUNCAN REDMONDS - Compulsion, VEE DEE - I Dispise, SPEEDJACKERS - The Girl's Joke, GAWJ - All Burn Together, SOME CHICKEN - New Religion, THE GRIT - This World, SHADOWCOPS - Vaulted Sky, I WALK THE LINE - Capsized, MOUTH SEWN SHUT - Watch Out, BLACKOUT - Everyday, THOUGHT CRIME - Continuous Warfare, DISRESPECT - Wartorn, STAND OUT RIOT - Depth Charge, THE MAGNIFICENT - It's Not Enough, MAN ALIVE - Anthem, SHAM 69 - The Cockney Kids Are Innocent, SECTION 13 - Trophy Wall, YOUTH BRIGADE - Guns Are For..., SAMUEL - Held Over, I. C. H - Not Indestructible

#10 - 13th March 2009
RISE AGAINST - Alive and Well, SHIT SA - Disneylandia, LOVED ONES - Spy Diddley, MURDER DISCO EXPERIENCE - Torture Incorporated, ROCKS - She'll Be Right, EVACUATE - This Night Is Ours, CHILLERTON - Let's Get Reckless, TOXIC NARCOTIC - Dig Your Own Pit, DESTROY ALL MONSTERS - You're Gonna Die, THE CRAMPS - The Crusher, ANTIMANIAX - In Front Of Our Eyes, KANGRENA - Ignorante, THE MOB - Witch Hunt, TSOL - Modern Girl, LIFETIME - Old Friend, SHORTLIVED - I Terrorist, TIM BARRY - Texas Cops, RED DONS - Just Write, Romeo, BLITZ BABIES - Try Hard, VARUKERS - Die For Your Government

#9 - 19th December 2008
Can't Hardly Wait, DEAD TO ME - Ran That Scam, THE VERMIN - You Got A Problem, SUBHUMANS - Death Was Too Kind, RUBELLA BALLET - Ballet Dance, DESTRUCTORS 666 - Possessed, COBRA KHAN - Hogman, FUCKED UP - Magic Word, JAY REATARD - Painted Shut, STAJNAS LOBOS - War Machine, DILLINGER FOUR - Minimum Wage Is A Gateway Drug, GOVERNMENT ISSUE - Snubbing, DAMNED - Shallow Diamonds, EVERYBODY OUT - All I Got, WEIRDOS - Message From The Underworld, CONQUEST FOR DEATH - Still Angry, Still Smiling, THE RAVERS - It's Gonna Be A Punk Rock Christmas, GOLDBLADE + POLY STYRENE - City Of Christmas Ghosts, ADRENALIN OD - New Year's Eve, RAMONES - Merry Christmas (I Don't Want To Fight Tonight)

#8 - 20th October 2008
Do A Line (Of Alibis), DI - Hang Ten In East Berlin, TEMPO 38 - Street Value, CONFLICT - The Serenade Is Dead, STAR FUCKING HIPSTERS - This Wal-Mart Life, H20 - Everready, BLACKLISTED - Self-Explosive, CHRIST ON PARADE - Another Country, LAGWAGON - Memoirs and Landmines, BOYS - Turning Grey, THROW RAG - Hollywood, BORN/DEAD - Nuance, REPORT SUSPICIOUS ACTIVITY - The Loyal Opposition, RED FLAG 77 - Nervous System, SIX SIX CRUSH - Broken Record, CAREER SUICIDE - Cherry Beach, ANTI-FLAG - Got The Numbers, GENERATORS - To All My Friends, SUBHUMANS - This Is Not An Advert, STUPIDS - You Die

#7 - 11th September 2008
- Granola Head, RIOT/CLONE - Don't Give Me Your Shit, PROPAGANDHI - Rock For Sustainable Capitalism, SCREWED-UP FLYER - Under The Table (Over The Hedge), SOUTHERN CRADLE - Won't Leave A Scratch, PAINT IT BLACK - The Beekeeper, DEATH ZONE - All Through Life, RESIST - United States Of Apathy, SKIMMER - A Scale Of Five, HDQ - Just When I Thought, STEAKKNIFE - Low Rez Machete, JOYCE MCKINNEY EXPERIENCE - Armchair Critic, REVENGE OF THE PSYCHOTRONIC MAN - This Is Where The Idiot Lives, BILL BONDSMEN - Dear Debt Collector, CLOAK/DAGGER - Runways, VOIDS - Disconnected, AMEBIX - Progress, SCAVENGERS - Born To Bullshit, PAGANS - Not Now No Way, REPLACEMENTS - Color Me Impressed

#6 - 6th May 2008
Can't Get Away With That, MILLENCOLIN - Who's Laughing Now, STRAIGHT CORNER - Wanna Be, GOOD RIDDANCE - A Credit To His Gender, LURKERS - Why You So Happy To Give You Mind Away, MIKE PUKE - Eye In The Sky, SCOURGE OF RIVER CITY - Dark Streets, LEGION OF PARASITES - Death In The City, L'ODI SOCIAL - No Olimpics, COMMON ENEMY - One Up, IMPERIAL LEATHER - The Power Of Blame, CAREER SUICIDE - Realities, EASTFIELD - Money, EATER - You, FORGOTTEN - We Got The Numbers, DEAN DIRG - No.1 Out Of 6 Billion, CHANNEL THREE - One More For All My True Friends, TEXAS THIEVES - Today, ANTIDOTE - All Alone, BLITZ - Never Surrender

#5 - 17th March 2008
ZATOPEKS - Culture Of Control, CROWD - Time's Up, GUN CLUB - Sexbeat, COBRA KHAN - Wrapped In Plastic, MANIFESTO JUKEBOX - When Bubbles Burst, ENDSTAND - Fall, SHAPES - Airline Disaster, LOVED ONES - The Bridge, RAW POWER - State Oppression, HHH - Esperanza Viva, SUBTERRANEAN KIDS - Mucho Tiempo, BREZHNEV - www.bullshit/control, NOFX - Longest Line, DICKIES - Waterslide, HEARTTHROB - Disaster In B, MIA - Angry Youth, VANILLA POD - Surrounded By Idiots, ENEMY ALLIANCE - Vultures, BROKEN BOTTLES - Generation USA, FUCKED UP - Carried Out To The Sea (Soundtrack: CONFLICT - There's No Power Without Control)

#4 - 15th January 2008
Seeking, UNSEEN - Right Before Your Eyes, FUNCTIONAL BLACKOUTS - Ant Hill, BORN/DEAD - Mind Control, REVISIONS - Breathe Again, D.O.A. - Blind Men, UNDERGROUND RAILROAD TO CANDYLAND - Don't Expect For Me To Sleep, TEXAS IS THE REASON - A Jack With One Eye, MILLOY - Hammer And Blades, INDECISION ALARM - Where Every Fucking Dream Is Killed, LIGHTYEAR - Life Jacket Water Wings, HARD SKIN - Law and Order (Up Your Arse), DAILY VOID - The Man W/O A Face, THE BLACK MARKET - Walls, THE ARRIVALS - Open-Faced, HOSTAGE LIFE - White Jesus, THE MOB - No Doves Fly Here, FLUX OF PINK INDIANS - Some Of Us Scream, Some Of Us Shout, ANTHRAX - They've Got It All Wrong, SUBHUMANS - Won't Ask You Again

#3 - 27th November 2007
- Safe And Warm, SCREWED UP FLYER - Today, SHOOK ONES - Slaughter Of The Insole, UNPAID DEBT - Stitches, RATOS DE PORAO - SOS Broken Country, GANG GREEN - Somethings, DECADENCE WITHIN - Component, SOCIAL DISTORTION - Tainted Love, OFFENDERS - Face Down In The Dirt, KILLING JOKE - Pssyche (live), J CHURCH - Dramatic History Of A Boring Town, MDC - Sleep A Little Less, Dream A Little More, THE QUOTES - Mass Produced, BGK - Arms Race, D.O.A. - World War 3, NO HOPE FOR THE KIDS - Eyes Of War, REPORT SUSPICIOUS ACTIVITY - In On The Killing, PILGER - 57 Years On, SINKING SHIPS - The Next Time I Go, NOT QUITE RIGHT - Our History, Our Future

#2 - 16th September 2007
THE DRAFT - New Eyes Open, VOID - Dehumanized, KILL TOBY WYATT - Happy New Year, THE DAMNED - Stretcher Case Baby, SMOKE OR FIRE - Shine, MINOR THREAT - Straight Edge (live), INTELLECTUALS - We Are Cells, THE EAT - Communist Radio, RED FLAG 77 - Time Has Been Called, THE BALLISTICS - City Of Decay, SINGLED OUT - Our Wonderful Government, THE ADICTS - Easy Way Out, TIM BARRY - Church Of Level Track, THE FAITH - Subject To Change, SOUTHPORT - Pilot, TOTALITAR - We Are Not Human Beings, SCREAM - Human Behaviour, RITALIN - Fear Is Your Disease, KRUM BUMS - Disregarded Youth, HOSTAGE LIFE - When I Get Cancer

#1 - 14th July 2007
HOSTAGE LIFE - How To Die With A Smile, INFECTED - Self Sacrifice, SPERMBIRDS - What Do You Want (R.R.), GEE STRINGS - I'm Blanking, CITIZEN FISH - Back To Square One, SIGNAL LOST - Second Voice, SMOGTOWN - Ugly American Makeover, F-MINUS - Real Deal, NO CHOICE - If Logic's First, A DEATH IN THE FAMILY - Familiar Strangers, BLACK COUGAR SHOCK UNIT - Wild Pegasus, FOUR LETTER WORD - Crisis Of Faith, ROTTEN APPLES - Snap Out Of It, THE RABBLE - Old Friends, STOKOE - More Magic Than Logic, BLACK MARKET BABY - World At War, PINK FITS - Don't Ask Why, HARD ONS - I'll Get Thrush Or Something, I OBJECT - Heard The Herd, DISCHARGE - Never Again

The Hey Suburbia roll call of bands played can be found HERE!