Top Sounds - Comps

Sweet Time RNR Comp {Sweet Time} Ohh - nice!! There are stacks of goodies on this 26 track compilation. Names that instantly stand out include PERSONALITY CULT, SICK BAGS and THE AR-KAICS. But like the very best compilations, it’s not the stuff you already know about that make them special, it’s the bounty of tunesmithery that’s unknown - and this is loaded. Other notables that got the House Of Scanner moving include the thrilling Power Pop of FIXED FACES, the frantic lo-fi Punk of MONONEGATIVES, the bruising Garage Punk of ZODIAC PANTHERS, the laid-back Rock ‘n’ Roll cool of JEREMY AND THE CLONES and the surging, sneering Punk of NIGHT TALKERS. I could mention several others here - FRESH GRAVES, LIFTERS, DADDY SISTERS to name but another three - but ultimately if you like your Rock ‘n’ Roll nitro-laced, lo-fi and sneering yet melodic, then I’m sure you’ll find a bunch of new fave-raves on here. (04.01.21)
TNS Records Volume 4: Cheap Cans Broken Vans + Basement Bar Bands {TNS} I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again - just in case you missed it: TNS Records do things just right - it operates exactly how a DIY label should. Quality product, great promotion, gig promoters, zinesters, musicians - I love everything about the label, even though some of the bands aren’t quite to my taste. Anyway, this is a 33-track compilation of a range of bands with several tracks previously unreleased or only released on a digital platform. Plenty of goodies too including THE DOMESTICS, GRAND COLLAPSE, KNIFE CLUB (with an unreleased song - and another banger!), YOUTH AVOIDERS, THE RESTARTS (another unreleased goodie), TIM LOUD and CASUAL NAUSEA. Neat gatefold digipack sleeve with a booklet showing every release’s cover. There is also a neat, glossy A5 zine that comes with this that details the history of TNS and if you need any proof of how genuine Andy and Bev are about what they do, then this is it. Inspirational people, great label, awesome comp. Nuff said.  100th release already? Looking forward to 200!! (26.03.21)
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