Top Sounds - Comps

Sweet Time RNR Comp {Sweet Time} Ohh - nice!! There are stacks of goodies on this 26 track compilation. Names that instantly stand out include PERSONALITY CULT, SICK BAGS and THE AR-KAICS. But like the very best compilations, it’s not the stuff you already know about that make them special, it’s the bounty of tunesmithery that’s unknown - and this is loaded. Other notables that got the House Of Scanner moving include the thrilling Power Pop of FIXED FACES, the frantic lo-fi Punk of MONONEGATIVES, the bruising Garage Punk of ZODIAC PANTHERS, the laid-back Rock ‘n’ Roll cool of JEREMY AND THE CLONES and the surging, sneering Punk of NIGHT TALKERS. I could mention several others here - FRESH GRAVES, LIFTERS, DADDY SISTERS to name but another three - but ultimately if you like your Rock ‘n’ Roll nitro-laced, lo-fi and sneering yet melodic, then I’m sure you’ll find a bunch of new fave-raves on here. (04.01.21)
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