Top Sounds - G

GALILEO 7, THE - Decayed {Fool’s Paradise} Celebrating ten years of this truly wonderful band, we get an album of 11 covers, a couple of which have previously been released but most are unique to this album. It’s crammed with goodies as always, in particular opener, a very able, gnarled run through the X-RAY SPEX classic, ‘The Day The World Turned Day-Glo’, ROBYN HITCHCOCK’s ‘Kingdom Of Love’, a couple of cracking not-so-obvious WHO covers in ‘Tattoo’ and ‘Glow Girl’ (the latter recorded during lockdown) and a boisterous take on REAL ESTATE’s ‘Paper Dolls’ while highlight might just be a surprisingly raucous take on THE MONKEES ‘Circle Sky’. Elsewhere there’s a bit of JULIAN COPE, PAUL REVERE AND THE RAIDERS and, the only down point, PINK FLOYD (at least it’s a Barrett era track). Lots of fun and kinda points to all I can hear in the band’s own material - THE WHO, ROBYN HITCHCOCK and a splash of Punk attitude. Great band in every way. (26.04.21)
GHETTO BLASTERS - Point Blank {Mondo Trasho} Second 7” for this quartet outta Chattanooga, Tennessee that includes members of the likes of BASEMENT BENDERS, DRUG CZARS, FAST BOYS, TUFF TITS and more. You get three tracks of which the lead track had a distinct AC/DC vibe, if they played slightly dirty Garage Punk Rock ‘n’ Roll. Flip the wax and you get two snappier tracks, ‘Youngblood’ and ‘Let It Rock’ both of which smoke with a vague DEAD BOYS influence, with the latter in particular being an incendiary Garage Punk blast. It’s suitably raw, not flooded with awful lead guitar work. In fact, the guitars here are just about spot-on - sleazy riffs with leads that blast before going almost instantly back to the song. It’s a limited pressing too - only 50 in splatter vinyl and 250 on normal black wax. So get in quick if this noxious Garage Rock sound is your thing. (09.06.21)
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