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45 GRAVE - Pick Your Poison {Frontier} After 20 years, one of the original Death-Rock acts is back with a brand new 10-tracker. Not only that, the band now includes ADOLESCENTS founder Frank Agnew on guitar, accompanying Dinah Cancer on vocals. It’s a potent pairing too, allowing that original sound to develop ever further with the likes of ‘Night Of The Demons’, ‘Highway 666’ and ‘Sorceress’. The band’s more diverse side is apparent on the epic ‘Child Of Fear’, the atmospheric Piano instrumental ‘A Desert Dream’, the Country-Roots honk of ‘Johnny’ and the use of Brass on both the bouncy ‘Lucky 214’ and closer ‘Winds Of Change’. Cancer herself sounds in fine form - confident, imposing and seductive. As musically diverse as the album is, it somehow all gels together creating a strong set of songs - one that could be the band’s best since the classic debut ‘Sleep In Safety’ from 1983. It’s good to see this released on one of the great US labels too - a more fitting home for the band’s return is hard to imagine. (06.12.12)

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