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BURNING BRITAIN {Cherry Red} PODCAST PLAYED Following on from the utterly essential ‘Action Time Vision’ 4-CD set of late 70s independent Punk singles comes this baby; another 4-CD set this time looking at the early 80s over a whopping 114 tracks! It would be easy to think that this focuses on the UK82/ Street Punk sound, but it goes much further, so incorprates the vital Anarcho bands of the era as well as some of the ‘77 vanguard like THE DAMNED and THE VIBRATORS. I could list a bunch of bands, but you’d get a better idea if I told you all your faves from the likes of Clay, Mortarhate, Riot City, Small Wonder, Spiderleg, No Future et al are featured. DISCHARGE and CONFLICT; SUBHUMANS and CHAOTIC DISCHORD; OMEGA TRIBE and TOY DOLLS; POISON GIRLS and THE ADICTS; THE MOB and THE EXPLOITED - get the idea? Not only do you get all those tracks, many of which appear for the first time on CD and include many lesser-known gems, you get a comprehensive 64 page booklet of band biographies written by Ian Glasper. Like ‘ATV’, it’s all wrapped in a hardcase and looks fantastic. Yes, most readers will have some of these tracks already, but I can guarantee you’ll find a total gem from an unknown band, or find a name band that had passed you by. Even if you don’t, the quality of the whole package is simply stunning. Both Cherry Red and Glasper should be commended as a lot of work, time, effort and sheer love has gone into this. If you have any association with Punk, consider yourself a Punk or adhere to the morals of Punk then this should be pretty much mandatory. (31.08.18)

DAMAGED GOODS 1988/2018 {Damaged Goods} PODCAST PLAYED 30 years for a label is pretty damn good, and over 500 releases is even more impressive. When that label has been run with a total DIY ethic and is genuinely reputable, it’s virtually miraculous. And so we have this 37 track double CD compilation of the very best of Damaged Goods Records. You all should know the name, you all should have some of their records. This mixes old greatness - SNIVELLING SHITS, REVILLOS, J CHURCH and even MANIC STREET PREACHERS with equally great newness of personal faves CYANIDE PILLS, CUTE LEPERS, DAGGER DEBS, JOHNNY MOPED and SENIOR SERVICE. Add on various incarnations of BILLY CHILDISH and HOLLY GOLIGHTLY, THEE HEADCOATS, WAT TYLER, HELEN LOVE... I could easily go on but with 500 records and 168 bands to choose from, I’ll wager that you’ll revel in some old favourites, find some new gems and yearn for a few omitted favourites (no TV PERSONALITIES?). It’s packaged in a smart three-way fold out sleeve, has a neat booklet with covers from the records the tracks are taken from and a list of all the bands that have appeared on the label. Lovely jubbly!! Looking forward to the 50th anniversary boxset - make all rare stuff please - that sound a plan, Ian? (31.12.18)

FAT WRECK HOLIDAY 2017 {Fat Wreck} Splatter coloured 10" vinyl comp here mixing some of Fat’s older bands (GOOD RIDDANCE, CHIXDIGGIT!, SNUFF, FACE TO FACE) with some of the newer (BAD COP/ BAD COP, PEARS, GET DEAD, BOMBPOPS) with middlers TEENAGE BOTTLEROCKET and REAL MCKENZIES to fill it out. Best bits by far include GOOD RIDDANCE with ‘Dry Season’, CHIXDIGGIT with a new song, FACE TO FACE sounding hugely convincing with ‘Middling Around’ and SNUFF with ‘From Underneath The Ice’. Other notables include an unreleased song from THE BOMBPOPS (which has since been on the ‘Dear Beer’ 7") and opener BAD COP/ BAD COP with ‘Retrograde’ which was also the opener to their ‘Warriors’ album. Bold cover artwork from Chris Shary and the 10" format always works best for these kinda things I reckon. More than a 7" to keep the interest yet not dragging on for too long to become boring or generic. Fun stuff for Fat heads. (15.08.18)

LUCKY 13: Concrete Jungle Records Sampler {Concrete Jungle} 21 track sampler of the bands on this German label. As with all samplers, it can be a patchy affair depending on taste, but this actually nails it pretty well with highlights being TURBO ACs, THE MOVEMENT, ADOLESCENTS (of course!), THE GENERATORS, AUTHORITY ZERO, GOODBYE FAIRGROUND, THE REVOLVERS, THE HOLLOWPOINTS and MODERN PETS. I think this comes free with any purchase direct from Concrete Jungle (while stocks last at least I guess) and maybe a free download from the label’s bandcamp page. One little criticism, and a suggestion for the next volume, please include a track listing on the sleeve - it’s pretty fucking annoying hearing a smart band in the middle of the disc only to have to stop it and find which band it is. (16.03.19)
DOWN SOUTH SPAGHETTY ACCIDENT {Spaghetty Town} Rather smart 14 track compilation from this label that is rapidly building a roster of strong, genuine, in-yer-face and blazing Punk Rock ‘n’ Roll bands. A lot of the tracks here are new recordings too, including opener and among the best here, RMBLR with ‘Next Time’, that comes on like THE BOYS jamming with GEORGIA SATELLITES. The quality continues with DIRTY FENCES who have even more of a BOYS sound, BBQT’s flat-out femme-fronted Rock ‘n’ Roll cool, the fantastically named SICK BAGS which is also femme-fronted but with a vague early LA vibe going on, the DEAD BOYS-isms of FIXED FACES, the lo-fi snotcore of both CHEAP TISSUE and DINOS BOYS and the more sedately grooves of PINE AND TOLLIVER. Fact is, for the Rock ‘n’ Roll obsessed, there’s not a duffer here while containing a lot of garage rocking variation. Limited vinyl, so if this sounds like your kinda ear-honey, you better hit Ted and the Spaghetty grew ASAP.  (14.06.19)
REBELLION: New Band (Introducing) Stage 2018 {JSNTGM} Gargantuan double CD compilation featuring 50 new(ish) bands all of which played Blackpool Rebellion 2018. Although it is predominantly UK based, there is plenty of international flavour here too with bands from Mexico, Australia, Columbia, USA, Sweden, Belgium, Italy and Brazil. Considering there are 50 bands, most of which will be new names, it’s tricky to pin-point favourites but among mine were DEALING WITH DAMAGE, BLIND MAN DEATH STARE, BURNT TAPES and MENSTRUAL CRAMPS. Gatefold digi pack CD which doesn’t offer much info about the bands, but that works as a benefit as the listener isn’t swayed by any blurb the band might have written. Here, the only influence is the sound the bands crank out. Fantastic that this has been released on a Blackpool label too. Wanna hear something new? With 50 bands to choose from, there has to be something for everyone.(18.06.19)
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