Top Sounds - G

GALILEO 7, THE - There Is Only Now {Damaged Goods} How the fuck have I missed this band when this is their sixth album in a ten-year career? You get 12 tracks from this British Garage Power-Pop quartet that’s tinged with Psychedelia and, if you dig THE WHO at their most concise jamming on BEATLES tracks circa ‘White Album’, then you’ll run over razor wire with bare feet to hear this. Opening with what sounds like Gregorian Chant before launching into the wonderful ‘Everything Is Everything Else’ that’s all cranked guitars, ringing keys and soaring vocals. I’m hooked!! Other goodies include ‘There Is Only Now’ that could be the best song that TEENAGE FANCLUB never wrote had they employed a skillful Hammond organist, ‘Crooked Smile’ that emphasizes THE WHO vibe and ‘The World Looks Different Today’ that’s like a lost BIG STAR ‘Third’ outtake, while highlight is ‘Slipping Away’ with its pounding beat, classic Power-Pop vocal and guitars flying in all directions. There’s not a duffer here; a couple of the tracks have lead vocals taken by keyboardist Viv (including the rollicking ‘I Dream Of Sleep’ that deserves a mention) which keeps the variation and attention at a maximum, the musicianship is stellar, the songwriting even higher and the vibe is through the roof. I like - lots!! (11.07.19)
GIGLINGER - Money Power And Corruption/ Pay No More {DIY} Latest (sixth?) release from this excellent, interesting band outta Helsinki. This is given two titles cuz, in theory, it’s a three-track EP on each side of this lovely slab of 10” vinyl. The band’s sound constantly mutates - I’ve compared them to KILLING JOKE, TEEN GENERATE, MISSION OF BURMA and WIPERS previously, so my expectations here are only that I’m gonna hear something new, and something good.  MPC kicks off with ‘Try To Make Believe’ that had me thinking GUANTANAMO SCHOOL OF MEDICINE as it fuses Hardcore pace with something inventive and soaring lead guitar lines, while closer ‘First To Die’ has a second-album PARTISANS vibe mixed with some discordant Hardcore a’la TH’ INBRED and is the best of the three. PNM starts with ‘Punk For Sale’ which pivots around a neat SUBHUMANS-esque riff and dynamic with a distinct Biafra-like vocal while ‘Pay No More’ slams along on a relentless riff and beat and could be the best here. Production is lo-fi, Garage Punk quality and, given some of the lyrical sentiment here, a lyric sheet would have benefited the message greatly. As it is, yet another release (or two?) that continues to further expand and diversify the band’s sound. (13.05.19)
GOLIGHTLY, HOLLY - Do The Get Along {Damaged Goods} PODCAST PLAYED Holly is one of those people whose name I have heard of lots, but up until this point, have never actually heard much by her. So, this 12 track album, possibly her 12th, came as a most welcome listening experience. It’s not what I expected either; it’s sultry, Jazzish, swaggering, 60s tinged and rather seductive, as opposed to the Indie Pop I was expecting. Plenty of highlights, including ‘Satan Is His Name’ that swings like the darkest, adult moments of THE DOORS (in fact, musically, there are a lot of DOORS-esque moments here), ‘Ladies Excuse Me’ that’s something THE CRAMPS could’ve done if in swing mode and the sedate grandeur of closer ‘Like Time’ while disc highlight has to be ‘Pretty Clean’ that pulses on swinging 60s beats and attitude. Very much an album for late night listening, something to wind down to but one that remains cutting and slightly sinister. (17.05.19)
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