Music Reviews

Review policy? I don't have one as such. 

ALL physical records and/or CDs will get reviewed and take priority.

Yes, I do review downloads but I get about 30 a day. I'm only going to write about those I want to - good or bad.

The music should fall into a Punk/ Post-Punk/ Anarcho/ Goth/ Power Pop/ Hardcore style. If you really want to waste your time by sending me the latest psych-Jazz from Guatemala or Soul Diva from China, fine - but it will be ignored. Get it?

And don't cry if you get a bad review - just improve.

Postal address is on the homepage to send physical material.
And if you must send downloads, make them MP3 please.  WAV sounds no better, takes an age to download and fills up whatever device I may store it on far too quickly.  Again - want quality? Send a physical version...

Reviews are below - listed alphabetically by band name. Click it..

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