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JACKETS, THE - Queen Of The Pill {Voodoo Rhythm} Fourth long player from this Swiss Garage Rock band. You get ten tracks of 60s ‘Nuggets’-esque Garage Rock which had me thinking of JEFFERSON AIRPLANE a little too often. Throw in a bit of Psychedelia and Beat, some SEEDS and some WHITE STRIPES and a splash of CRAMPS and you’re pretty much there. Seems both ALICE COOPER and Rodney Bingenheimer both rate the band highly, but I have to say, given all the press release’s emphasis on Full-Fuzz I found it surprisingly clean sounding. There are plenty of highlights too, the bass groove and 60s swing of ‘Steam Queen’, the pounding title track and ‘Don’t Leave Me Alone’ that delivers some of that heavy-duty fuzz with a great chorus while the sneering, catchy-as-hell ‘Losers Lullaby’ could claim to be the best on the album. Good stuff, dramatic in places and a great vocalist in Jackie but for all the press hype, it was a little tame - and probably better for it. (09.08.19)

JADED EYES - Hatespeak {Boss Tuneage/ Serial Bowl} Latest slice of smartness from these Leeds, UK veterans and it’s just a mere two tracks on one dark red 7" slice of vinyl. Bit of a 1984 (as in George Orwell) theme going on here, from the title track through to the labels on the record. Lead track ‘Hatespeak’ zipped along and kept me going back to GRAY MATTER for some reason. Flip the disc and you get ‘One Percent’ that flows on a RITES OF SPRINGish guitar riff before a bilious chorus and a fragmented riff kicks in. It’s probably the stronger of the two tracks too. Have to say, it’s those gnarled, distinctly British sounding vocals (which are also legible) that separates these fellas from other bands who may attempt to do this DC Revolution Summer-esque Punk. Black and white sleeve, no lyric sheet, no download code - just two cracking tracks from what must be among the very best bands in Britain at present. Hopefully this is a warm-up for the band’s third album. If it follows the sound here, it could well be the band’s best yet also. (22.05.18)

JILTED JOHN - Live! {Boss Tuneage} Shit-a-brick - who would’ve thought it? Over 40 years since JILTED JOHN became the curse of every Gordon in the UK, comes a full live album recorded in Manchester, UK of Mr JILTED JOHN and his band. Have to say, it’s a lot of fun too! JOHN (or Graham Fellows to give him his real name) is on fine form, witty and conversational with both crowd and band, and the band slams these quirky, late 70s New Wave songs which appeared on the ‘True Love Stories’ album from ‘78. Of course, ‘Jilted John’ itself is the highlight (and repeated as an encore) and given a cheeky reworking as opener ‘I’m Still Jilted John’. Elsewhere, the keyboards of ‘Fancy Mice’ make for a highlight as it segues perfectly into ‘Going Steady’. The whole deal is filled out with some neat notes from Fellows himself and about 10 minutes of bonus rehearsal material. If you have the original album, or love the single, you might just be stunned to hear how much fun this actually. (05.09.19)

JILTED JOHN - True Love Stories {Boss Tuneage} To celebrate the 40th anniversary of the iconic one-hit-wonder who bellowed ‘Gordon is a Moron’, comes this stunning re-issue of JILTED JOHN’s debut album. Not only do you get the original 1978-released album on coloured vinyl, but there’s a reprint of the classic ‘Jilted John’ 7", extensive new liner notes and even a reprint of the Mice and Ladders board game that came with limited copies of the initial run. The album features 12 tracks recounting the teenage angst of being a loser in love, forming a virtual concept album of John’s (non)love life. Lyrically it’s witty, musically minimal and geeky and totally resonant with anyone who has been a teenage loser - especially if you happened to be one in 1978! Besides the iconic ‘Jilted John’, other highlights are ‘I Know I’ll Never’, ‘The Birthday Kiss’ (that includes the great line about being alone in my bedroom with my chips, feeling sad) and the follow-up single ‘True Love’. It’s easy to see why this was an influence on PULP’s Jarvis Cocker as a lot of his traits (albeit in a different format) are here. Definitely one that any 70s Punk enthusiast should have but it’s also one very much of its time. No matter, this is a splendid package and other, lesser, labels should take note as to what a quality reissue is all about. (15.09.18)

JONNY MANAK AND THE DEPRESSIVES - Anybody Wanna Skate {Gods Candy} PODCAST PLAYED Regular readers will know I have a lot of time for this exemplary Garage Punk Rock trio outta California and this, the band’s fifth album, keeps my appreciation meter set to max. From the opening title track, the production on these 12 tracks seems crisper and sharper than before while retaining a cutting edge. Plenty of highlights too, be it ‘Sticks And Stones’ that’s gotta RAMONES vibe circa ‘Leave Home’ if played via ADOLSECENTS, both ‘Blundertoe’ and ‘Surfin’ Swami’ are examples of the band’s effortless Surf-esque instrumentals, ‘Gift Of Desperation’ retains that sneering, soaring Garage Punk of old and ‘It’s A Shame’ sees MANAK screaming like a demon possessed while ‘It’s Fashionable’ careers along on an addictive riff and great chorus and could be the album’s highlight. Then there’s the wonderfully titled ‘70s Too Young For Lemmy To Die’ and the surprising cover of ‘TMNT’. If you like your Punk laden with smokin’ Garage jams, killer sneering attitude and songs so memorable it feels like they’ve been kicked into your head, then the Punk blast of JONNY MANAK AND THE DEPRESSIVES is for you.  Killer stuff indeed. (12.10.19)
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KING BROTHERS - Wasteland {Hound Gawd} Kicking off with the title track, this is the tenth release (and first in eight years) from this trio outta Japan. It’s some heavy-duty gear too, coming on like the ROLLING STONES with the organ player outta DEEP PURPLE jamming. Not exactly the most auspicious of starts!  However, next track ‘No Want’ amps things suitably with a fantastically distorted bass drum and enough Garage rocking cool riffage to make THE HIVES wanna retire. From there it kinda meanders between STONES-Ish, gutter Blues (check ‘Odorushikabane’) and the distorto Garage Rock of BEASTS OF BOURBON cranking JAY REATARD (see ‘Break On Through’) - kinda like the way I imagine WHITE STRIPES always should’ve sounded. Unfortunately, they don’t really fully impress in either mode, not being quite as relaxed and decadent for the STONES vibe or as outrageously wild as REATARDS. (25.04.19)

KOSKI, DARIUS - What Was Once Is By And Gone {Fat Wreck} Second solo album from the SWINGIN’ UTTERS mainstay and you get 16 tracks of Americana, Blues and Country. Of those 16, four are instrumentals and appear to be bridging pieces between the album’s sound. There are the more subtle acoustic tracks that brought to mind ‘A Conversation’ era GRANT HART and there are also more forceful, rocking blues numbers. Highlights would include the first three tracks that embody that GRANT HART feel, ‘Because He’s Beautiful’ that’s the most electric track here and brought to mind MIKE NESS’ solo work, the CRAMPS-esque Swamp Blues of ‘Yes I Believe’ and ‘Imitation Tala’ that is the most adventurous track, co-opting mystical Indian drones akin to THE BEATLES. Best track however is either ‘A Fresh Glass Of Nothing’ that’s all European flavoured acoustic swing with Mrs Koski on backing vocals or ‘Little Johnny’ that’s got energetic acoustic guitars and a lilting piano refrain all through. I could never see SWINGIN’ UTTERS doing any of these songs as they are drastically different in both style and content. Fact remains though, they’re still good songs that deserve your attention. (11.09.18)

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