Top Sounds - W

WASTED - Here We Go Again {Boss Tuneage} Huge 29-track compiling this band’s first four 7"s + comp appearances. WASTED is part of the thrilling scene burgeoning outta Finland and clearly represent the Street Punk side of things, mixing a potent YOUTH BRIGADE style guitar assault with an all-out GBH style attack. The guys have an angry streak flowing through their veins also with sharply defined and often savage condemnations of the police, war, religion and social evils. ‘In God We Trust’ is a viscous and malicious, high paced attack on religious wars while ‘Suburban Kids’ offers a broader sonic dynamic. ‘White Trash Disease’ sees the recording quality noticeably improve before the conformity mauling ‘Not From Your World’ kicks in. The tracks from the 2001 7" display a fuller, more balanced sound but one which still spits vitriol. Three unreleased tracks and two CD-ROM videos set the disc apart from the usual ‘deleted-material-cash-in’.

WESTERN ADDICTION - Cognicide {Fat Wreck} A band consisting of three Fat Wreck employees releases its first album on - wait for it - Fat Wreck! WHAT a surprise! It'd be easy to be cynical about this 12-tracker, were it not for the fact that it's sooooo shit hot. This is fast, aggressive, spirited and bites with the same vicious ferocity as a pool full of piranhas attacking your scrotum. There's melody amidst the maelstrom also, with the general tone being a mix of CIRCLE JERKS speed, prime-time RANCID snot, AGNOSTIC FRONT muscle and just a splash of VERBAL ABUSE charm to round it off. 'Mailer, Meet Jim' and 'Face Cancer' take album highlights but, at a duration of just 21 minutes, the disc performs a hit-and-run before you realise it. Great lyrics also make WESTERN ADDICTION the real deal and not just 'best mates' of Fat Mike. Truly addictive.

WHITE CLOUDS & GUNFIRE/ DESTRUCTORS 666 - Caveat Emptor {Rowdy Farrago} The terribly named WHITE CLOUDS... kick off Part Two of this three part series of split EPs. The band plays a polite strain of Indie Rock that’s comparable with Franz Ferdinand mixed with the cool swagger of the SMITHEREENS. Not bad - just forgettable. DESTRUCTORS do four tracks of their ‘82 tinged UK Punk kicking off with ‘Electronic Church’ which is a fresh recording of an old song and is probably the best track I’ve heard from the band thus far. There’s a FLAMIN GROOVIES cover and a hidden track that, I think, is another oldie reworked. Not the best of these splits (see the one with EASTFIELD for that), but in ‘Electronic Church’ you get DESTRUCTORS 666 best moment so far.

WHITE DEMONS - s/t {Sonic Swirl} If it wasn’t for all the goddamn guitar solos, this would be a pretty smokin’ record. Yeah, the solos are short but totally unnecessary in every song. It’s very much ‘rock’, but rock in the sense of HANOI ROCKS sleaze, the pounding power of early AC/DC, early REPLACEMENTS chaos and a hint of IGGY. The band feature Tony Krank of Krank Amps. Tracks like ‘Tear It Up’, ‘Cancelled Show’, the closing ‘It’s All About The Rock’ and the title track really hit the spot that so many bands of this genre miss. Powerful yet ragged and raw enough to tell ya these guys know rock ‘n’ roll should not be an over-produced science... Just cut those guitar solos by 65%, OK?