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XPOZEZ - Anthology {4Worlds/ PHD} This is a band that has never been remembered with the affection it deserves; often more only as the first band of INSTIGATORS vocalist, Andy 'Tez' Turner. This collects the band’s four singles, the two tracks from the Pax Recs comp, ‘Punk Dead? Nah Mate’ and six unreleased demos tracks, spanning the period from 1981 to ‘84. Highlight has to be the ‘Forcefed The Truth Drug’ EP that highlights the band’s ‘82 Punk sound in ‘Manipulator’ while ‘Libido A Go Go’ shows the more adventurous sounds Tez would explore in the ‘GATORS. The demo too has some stunning songs - ‘Back On The Streets’ in particular. It’s interesting to hear a similarity on some tracks to THE ADICTS (vocals in particular) while the Pax tracks have a NEWTOWN NEUROTICS vibe. This is actually a reissue of the ‘Back On The Streets’ comp Grand Theft Audio released in the early 90s; it even includes the same band retrospective written by Tez (although not the lyrics printed in the GTA version). To my ears, this still holds up really well 30 years on since it was recorded and a damn sight better than some of the more lauded bands of the same era. (10.10.14)

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Top Sounds - Z

ZIPLOCK/ THE DESTRUCTORS - Pax Romanus {Rowdy Farrago} Another split CD featuring DESTRUCTORS... So let’s concentrate on ZIPLOCK. They’re an abrasive, raging HC Punk band outta Norwich and come on like BROKEN BONES having a brawl with SHORT BUS WINDOW LICKERS with Damian outta FUCKED UP at the centre of it all. Their opener ‘Mental Block’ easily steals the CD. Good vocalist too who sounds embittered and raw but doesn’t resort to one-dimensional growling to prove he has balls. DESTRUCTORS? They sound really quite tame after ZIPLOCK... It’s more of their usual mid-paced Rock that has a few Punk hints. Cover this time is PETER AND THE TEST TUBE BABIES ‘Banned From The Pubs’ which, surprisingly, is actually rather spirited. The track that follows, ‘Atom Heart Brother’ is more like MOTORHEAD on downers. (21.05.13)

ZOUNDS - Ancient Briton {Overground} A wonderful little two-track 7" from the continually impressive and relevant ZOUNDS revival. The lead track is classic ZOUNDS featuring a witty, well-observed and honest lyric from Steve Lake delivered in the plaintive, yearning style of ‘Can’t Cheat Karma’ and tells the traits of yer average "Friday-night Briton" - that’s get pissed and get fighting. Flip the vinyl over and there’s a more rocking track, more in line with something off the recent ‘Redemption Of Zounds’ album entitled ‘Sick Of Work’. Again, it’s a clear and witty lyric that frequently reminded me of TV SMITH’s best stuff. The two tracks compliment each other very well - just as the two albums do also. Good artwork also - but should we expect anything different from a band of the quality of ZOUNDS releasing stuff on a label of such notable distinction as Overground? Nuff said! Altogether now... "Two world wars and one world cup, we can’t play like Brazil but they can’t drink like us." (27.12.13)

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