KNIFE CLUB - UK Tour August-November 2021
New UK band consisting of some familiar faces release a stunning album before cranking the jams live. When they do, this is the result. Vocalist Andy leads the way...

THE DOMESTICS - UK Tour September-October 2014
East Anglian Hardcore band taking fellow East Anglians CASUAL NAUSEA and VOLUNTEERS on a brief but hectic tour of the UK. DOMESTICS' vocalist James narrates.

NIGHT BIRDS - European Tour September-October 2011
From the East Coast of the USA, the NIGHT BIRDS headed to Europe for some highly anticipated shows of raging Punk Rock. Vocalist Brian Gorsegner takes us on tour.

NOT QUITE RIGHT - Australian Tour September 2007
Join New Zealand's NOT QUITE RIGHT on the band's month long jaunt in Australia including lots of hangovers, hot Punk Rock shows and nakedness!

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