TV Party - #

999 - Nasty Tales {Secret} I often think 999 never received the kudos it so rightly deserved. If you look at the band’s run of singles in particular, they stand up to any of the notable ‘name’ ‘77 bands. The band has never really stopped playing either - it’s just continued treading the boards and delivering the goods in style. Sure, the band look older than of yore (Nick Cash in particular is hardly recognisable from his pics on the classic debut album) but the work each member puts in to the live show, and Cash in particular, is a credit to them.
And that effort and song quality is what makes this live DVD such a joy. It’s recorded at Darlington, UK in 2006 in front of a smiling, enthusiastic audience and features 18 tracks all of which have stellar sound quality and excellent multi-camera filming and editting. It’s clear the band is in good form from opener ‘Inside Out’ which has a distinct JOHNNY THUNDERSesque swagger about it. Other highlights include ‘Really Like You’, ‘The Biggest Prize In Sport’, ‘Feelin’ Alright With The Crew’ which has some stunning visual editting, set closer ‘Homicide’ and a cutting, choppy burn through ‘Emergency’. Hats off also for not cutting out ‘Chicane Destination’ due to some very noticeable errors and to bassist (and full time LURKER) Arturo for providing the comment of the show: "You Pogo - I’ll Podge-o!" The only let down is ‘I’m Alive’ which seems slightly laboured when compared with the frantic original and the omission of ‘Found Out Too Late’ - which oddly gets derided by drummer Pablo in the interviews that provide the extras.
Those interviews prove essential and witty viewing. Nick Cash and Guy Days team up on one hand, and Arturo and Pablo on the other. Cash comes across as a soft-spoken thoughtful kinda guy as he recalls his time in Kilburn and the High Roads and getting telegrams from Mickie Most asking the band to sign! There’s much talk of the 1978 car accident in Sweden where Pablo’s arm was caught in the van and, most hilariously of all, how Arturo joined the band via meeting Cash who worked at a Crematorium. Cash was cremating Arturo’s mate and - as they say - the rest is history. Art has a very relaxed manner about him which benefits telling an amusing anecdote or two! In fact, all the band come over as ego-free, unassuming guys; it’s good to see because there is not much 999 has not done when compared with some other bands of the era.
Even for the casual fan this is well worth picking up; the songs are executed in style, the sound and vision is prime-time gear and, let’s face it, 999 is still a good band. For the hardened fans - put this at the top of your shopping list.