TV Party - E

EINSTÜRZENDE NEUBAUTEN - Live At Rockpalast 1990 (MIG} A rather excellent DVD and CD package from a band I have never really given two shits about. The band’s brand of avant-garde industrial noise, harsh vocal tones and wailing feedback has never appealed. However, I gave it a go...
... And after six songs had turned it off. I saw what are considered to be classic tracks like ‘Feurio’ and ‘Yu Gung’, tried to appreciate that this was at the band’s peak period and performed in the wake of the apparently classic album ‘Haus Der Luege’, I approached what appeared to be a sadistic sheet metal worker making noise with an open mind, I attempted to appreciate that this was groundbreaking and innovative and beyond compare - but I was bored.
What I heard was bad BAUHAUS mixed with bad SKINNY PUPPY with a long-haired guitarist revelling in feedback, a rather scary vocalist who was both sensitive and alarming (like NICK CAVE if he was a German Goth I guess!!) and some obsessive-compulsive noise addict who had recently been rescued from a scrap metal yard and who just had to - I fucking tell you he just HAD to - make noise!!!!
Really far too tuneless for me but, credit where it’s due, this is a beaut package. It’s in a neat DVD sized digipack, includes a neat 8-page booklet and the actual filming of the DVD is focused and arresting. Good sound on the live CD too.
Still bored me though. (23.06.14)