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GG ALLIN AND THE MURDER JUNKIES - Blood, Shit, And Fears {MVD} Dunno whether the world really needs a two hour long, five concert DVD of the ultimate gutter-dwelling, self-mutilating Scum Bag that has ever (dis)graced a stage, but here it is. Three of the shows date from 1991 in the deep South of America while the two bonus gigs date from 1993. So, what do you get besides GG waggling his baby-sized weiner at anyone brave (or insane) enough to venture to these shows?
The first show, in Memphis, is probably the pick of the bunch. Of course, it could be a case of ‘seen-one-GG-show-seen-’em-all’ but here he smashes a bottle over his head - before the gig even starts. By the end of the first song, he has smashed his head open with the mic and by the end of the third song has taken a very watery shit on stage before licking it up. The usual GG traits follow - rolling in the shit, genital abuse, anal abuse, violence exacted on the crowd and the usual litany of lullabies like ‘Bite It You Scum’, ‘I Wanna Rape You’ and the endearing ‘Expose Yourself To Kids’. Most interestingly was the fact that, although he’s rolling in shit with open wounds all over his body, he does have a very respectable pair of white ankle socks on along with a nice pair of slip-ons! Maybe he was worried about getting a verruca.
Gig Two is from New Orleans and filmed in what appears to be the Fight Club cellar. It’s feedback-drenched and features more shit eating and between-song banter from GG that can be best described as, "BluergghgrrrFUCKarrgghhhSCUMugghyearghhhFUCK." Looks like Hades on a bad night is my guess. Gig three is forgetful bar the fact he eats the most firm and sizeable pile of his own shit. Oh - and he still has he shoes on!!
The gigs from 1993 were a bit of a quandary. While the above gigs were, seemingly, genuinely dangerous and unpoliced, these gigs sees GG having acquired bodyguards! He states at the start of the gig in Youngstown that, "anyone who wants to get it on, come right up now." One guy did - but got bailed up and out of the gig by five bouncers/ bodyguards before he even made the stage.
Finally, the gig from Richmond is the best both in terms of visual and sound quality but it also shows up the weakness of material - especially when GG has a little prima-donna Rock Star tantrum when his mic doesn’t work. There’s no shitting here, but we do get to see the lunkhead vomit on stage.
It’s interesting that a lot of the material here sounded like bad Metal as opposed to bad Punk. Liner notes (well, paragraph) by Jeff outta ANTISEEN. So, if that appeals along with watching a psychotic, misogynistic, grunting, growling, talentless, baby-cocked gargoyle then this is for you.
Personally I think I deserve a medal for sitting through the whole freak show. (17.12.12) 

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