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MEATMEN - The Devil’s In The Detail Vol.1 {Meat King/ MVD} I’ve never really grasped the allure of THE MEATMEN. Their philosophy of ‘offending everyone’ renders some effective snotty Punk redundant. Personally I don’t find frontman TESCO VEE particularly offensive. He’s funny in a minor way I guess but, generally, I find him boring. So the prospect of this three-hour retrospective didn’t thrill me too much...
...but for half hour or so, I was thoroughly enjoying this. The live footage was riotous, full of spite and attitude. GANG GREEN’s Chris Doherty makes a guest appearance for a burn through ‘Alcohol’, TESCO VEE’s HATE POLICE appear for ‘Big Giant Cock’, there’s a blazing take on ‘Pope On A Rope’ while an incredibly early take of ‘Meatmen Stomp’ - that sees Tesco sporting a serious skinhead - is raw and screaming with conviction. And of course, ‘Crippled Children Suck’ and ‘Tooling For Anus’ appear too.
In between the music are a lot of sketches that, for a while, are entertaining - but ultimately annoyed. There are countless appearances by the Devil, lots of ABBA symbolism and ever more phallic imagery.
Extras come in the form of the spoof VH1 documentary ‘Behind The Nonsense’ which provided a few additional highlights - like an interview with film director John Waters and a comment about the "LORDS OF THE NEW CHURCH urinal bag that holds a quart of Stiv’s favourite Gin"! Haha - I’m sure that’s something Stiv would’ve paid big bucks for!!
But for me, the DVD deteriorates into a boring Yank take on something like random Monty Python-esque sketches but with added sexism and sensationalism and Spinal Tap-isms. I mean, endless ‘Tesco Vee For President’ ads, appalling Metal posturing (OK - probably done in irony but it was still hilarious for all the wrong reasons), comments about generational incest, some weenbag even does a Seig Heil... It all kinda reeks of Tesco wallowing in his own ego.
Yeah - I know it’s all a joke and shouldn’t be analysed too deeply - but the whole thing comes across as just a meandering, unfocussed vehicle for ‘The Myth of Tesco’. Sure, if you are a long-term fan then you’ll revel in this with all of its apolitical juvenile humour - and for you I am happy. Had this been reduced to 90 minutes 80% of which was music, then this review may have been a whole lot more positive. As the sleeve states, "Buy or fry Weenbags.’ The decision is yours... (26.04.09)

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