TV Party - O

ONLY ONES - Live At Shepherds Bush {Cherry Red} All too often, THE ONLY ONES seem to be evaluated as Peter Perrett’s band. Sure, he wrote the lyrics but without John Perry playing some of the most dazzling guitar to come out of the post-Punk/ New Wave era, THE ONLY ONES would be a much lesser band.
This 80-minute live performance was recorded on June 9th 2007 at London’s Shepherds Bush Empire. It’s a high quality, multi-camera deal and opens with some brief soundcheck material. If you are unaware of the band, I often think of them as the British version of TELEVISION. Throw in a bit of PSYCHEDELIC FURS, VELVET UNDERGROUND, ROBYN HITCHCOCK, a hint of prime-time ROLLING STONES (‘Let It Bleed’, ‘Exile...’) and you’ve got the idea.
There’s a total of 18 songs, played to an adoring crowd. Highlights have to be a stellar ‘Miles From Nowhere’, an epic ‘In Betweens’, a smoking ‘Programme’ and the huge muso workout during the climax of ‘The Beast’. Predictably, the biggest cheer is reserved for ‘Another Girl Another Planet’ that sees Perry launch into orbit with some sublime, heart-wrenching guitar work. All the songs are performed at the band’s own pace without any cliched rock ‘n’ roll theatrics. Perrett himself is dressed in shades and long, calf-length trenchcoat looking gaunt but sounding as radiant as ever. His wit was to the fore too, in particular his comment that it had taken the band, "26 years to get from The Strand to Shepherds Bush."
Have to say though, the security sucked! During the sombre ‘The Big Sleep’, some dude gets on his mate’s shoulder, only to have the bouncer remove him. I can appreciate it if there was a line of stage divers doing back flips every 5 seconds, but this? Jeez...
Unfortunately there are no extras, but the strength of this live performance should more than satisfy. For those who know only ‘Another Girl...’ this is the perfect introduction to this underrated gem of British Rock ‘n’ Roll. For those who know the songs already... well... open a bottle of Merlot, get that warm, hazy red wine buzz, turn it up and relish these sublime slices of sedate, seductive and sinewy songsmithery. (03.05.09)